My Today May be a Tomorrow Achieved through Someone’s Sacrifice-Musical “Bus”
My Today May be a Tomorrow Achieved through Someone’s Sacrifice-Musical “Bus”
  • Lee Jung seungji 기자
  • 승인 2009.04.10 19:55
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There is a driver who looks happy at the start of the day, washing a bus in a rural community.  He travels along the country road with the same passengers as yesterday; a composer who wonders why the driver seems to be sunny and happy, a village chief whose thoughts are occupied with the greed of power, a schoolgirl who is full of grievances against her mother and all adults, Mr. Jang who lives in indignation after being robbed by the government, and one couple who are having an illicit relationship who are taking a honeymoon trip from Seoul.  Because they are accustomed to saying their own words rather than to listening to others, they eventually fall out with one another.  At that time, the brakes of the bus fail, and everyone on the bus starts to panic in an instant, stopping quarrels.  Suddenly, the driver sees a child playing along the road.  If he decides to save the child, the bus carrying seven passengers will fall over a precipice.  Which one do you think the driver will choose?

Every mother’s son wants to come into their own.  Hence, the modern cling to surface things like money, honor or love.  The people on the bus seem common to us nowadays.  They pick on each other, and offend each other’s minds. 

The driver chooses to save the passengers, leaving the child for dead.  Hereupon, they bark at him with some relief at being saved.  However, they soon learn that the child was the only son of the driver.

This story is based on a true-life happening .  It is too hard to judge which the right choice was.  Although the driver had to sacrifice a priceless thing, his only son, he saved seven other people and gave them another tomorrow.  One sacrifice delivered them out of death.  Who could say it is worthless?

The reason the driver looked happy is that he was thankful for even mere trifles.  He thanks the beautiful trees, sky, flowers, the music of birds and even swaying reeds.  He really is happy, so he could share his happiness and love with others.  What about you?  The driver may recommend, “It will be the first step to realize the fact that you are a beloved one.”


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