Television Kid, Living as a Pop-Art Critic
Television Kid, Living as a Pop-Art Critic
  • Hwang Hong Yuhwa
  • 승인 2009.05.08 22:28
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On April 4, 14th regular invitation lecture – ‘My life, my literature’ was held in Gemma Hall from A.M. 11:00 to A.M.12:40.  This lecture which is held regularly is supervised by Communication Development Center and this time’s speaker was Lee Young-Mee, famous pop-art critic also play critic.  The title was ‘television kid, living as a pop-art critic.’
She explained about the history of Korean broadcasting station and how was her childhood with a TV.  And then she confessed to students that during her childhood she was a TV holic but she emphasized that just watching TV all day doesn’t makes one critics.  She explained that to be a critic, the ability of writing, thinking logically is essential.  To raise this ability she suggested that club activity in university is helpful.  She is now working as a play critic and it was greatly affected by her experience of her play club activity during her university life also it the most critical reason why she became a play critic.  She also gave emphasis on the importance of debate to develop one’s ability to think logically.

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