To be Global Media
To be Global Media
  • Park Kim Haena
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In some important respects, the media is unique.  Unlike other industries, the media deals in ideas, information, and culture.  They inform and entertain people, influencing how people understand themselves and the world, as well as how they spend their leisure time.  Because they play such significant political and cultural roles, the media hold a unique position in democratic societies that value free and creative expression, independent thought, and diverse perspectives.
The multibillion-dollar media industry has been changing very rapidly as media conglomerates grow in size and scope, expanding their reach across the globe.  As a result, media are fully integrated into people’s everyday lives, reaching virtually everyone in industrialized societies and arguably commanding more public attention than any other single institution.

While numerous media groups are disappearing, some media groups are thriving and have gained even more power and influence in the world.  Now, the Sookmyung Times is going to find out how to the global media has thrived.
According to a survey researched by Media Future Innovation, the most influential media company is CNN (Cable News Network) among the global media groups.  It influences people throughout the world broadcasts 37 branches in the U.S. and also throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia.  It has broadcast all the important events over the last 30 years such as the destroying of the Berlin Wall, Tiananmen square situation, and Terrorism, and thought about the role of CNN in international politics.  How did they grow up to global and powerful media?

When CNN started to broadcast in 1980, with just one channel, 25 staff members offered news for just about 1.7 million families but now, this company provides news to 250 million families and has 16 networks.  If one watches ‘CNN International’, which are the main channel, two networks and five local channels manage two hundred nations and five continents.  Robert Edward Turner Ⅲ, in 1970 bought a small broadcasting TV station which was in Atlanta and on the basis of this station, he developed broadcasting TV station, TBS (Turner Broadcasting System).  In the first stage, CNN had to supply a lot of money, $70 million, to keep the running news channel.  However, he made the channel ‘CNN Headline News’ in 1981 overcoming adversity.  In 1985, as CNN and CNN Headline News were united with the name, ‘CNN International’, it went into international broadcasting.  At that time, CNN had the key to success for the media.  The slogan is the fastest news and objectivity.  According to the Wall-Streeter on April, 4, 2003, “Now, people who live in out of America are watching the news that have more global point of view about the war.  ‘CNN International’ often presents the standpoint contrary to the policy of America.  This is the reflection deal with world citizen’s feeling and other world’s viewpoint for America.”  In 1986, it was only a media that broadcast the scene of the shuttle Challenger’s explosion on the spot.  Through this, CNN raised the reputation and was known to the whole world when it carried live Gulf War which began on January, 1991.  At that time, the former president, George Bush disclosed that he could confirm the starting of international air strike through CNN.  The value of the scene when CNN captured the flash in Baghdad was so priceless that it couldn’t be compared with anything else.  CNN’s strong point is the great ability of interviewing.  Whenever an accident occurs, CNN can interview other world leaders or proper specialists timely with rapid broadcasting.  For having this ability, about a million people enrolled in a directory where CNN managed specialists and leaders and 25,000 people are replying for the interview program or sudden news updates. 

Actually, Chris Cramer, CNN International network’s president said, “CNN should preach variously.  We think the consistency of the editing is very important, and we try to convey deep, fair, accurate and impartial news.  This is our basic duty.  However as large as we are, regardless of having lots of networks and websites, such a basic duty is CNN’s true nature.  “For they strive to be objective and rapid, and this group is acknowledged as a trustful and global media by people although it came into possession of non-government, Time Warner.

In the world, among the newspapers related to economics, FINANCIAL TIMES is well known to people. It is one of three global newspapers.  The Media group, Pearson possesses FINANCIAL TIMES but it respects independent editorial rights in news broadcasting and reporting.  That’s why it has authority between numerous newspapers.  This newspaper secured international readers.  FINANCIAL TIMES insisted that it was read in Russia, China, and East Asia, and Financial News issued a European newspaper in Paris in 1907.  On October 1, 1945, the consolidated new newspaper (Financial Times and Financial News) came to the world.  The newspaper’s effort to reach internationally also helped to broaden and expand the newspaper itself.  It deals not only with financial reports but diverse events which people are interested in.  It started to advertise with the slogan 'Do you think we deal with only economics?' in 1999.  It said that people want to know about the result of the soccer game between Manchester United and Real Madrid in the case of talking with their customers or higher officers.  FINANCIAL TIMES said if they don't provide these kinds of information to people, people will feel uncomfortable because of having to read another newspaper again.  
How do they make a brand?  The core is the article's contents, that is to say, the superior report based on variety and uprightness.  Also, in the aspect of the faith, FINANCIAL TIMES holds the second rank, following by BBC.

While the global newspaper such a FINANCIAL TIMES deals with diverse contents, not only economic facts, they also have trust.  In Europe or U.S., one of the reason media owned by nongovernment can be impartial and keep balance is that there are diverse local newspapers in their society.  In Oxford, the Oxford Times are released.  Its popularity is so great that housewives go out of home to buy this.
Canada also has lots of local newspapers.  Canada’s newspapers consist of worldwide, city and local newspapers, and even local newspapers have the power of influence to rank next to New York Times.  There are some characteristics to have global power in comparison with the media of Korea and U.S..  One of the characteristics is structure of newspaper.  In Korea, the national newspaper occupies 90 percent.  In that figures, three main newspapers, Chosun, Joongang, and Dong-a occupy 70 percent.  However, only 6 percent is the ratio of national newspapers in the U.S..  The leading newspapers cannot compare with that of Korea, too.  New York Times and Washington Post occupy only 3.5 percent in the media market.  Who occupies the remaining percent?  That is local newspapers.  These miscellaneous local newspapers help huge media not to be biased and people get diverse standpoints of report.  In addition, the characteristic of U.S. media is they recognize they are individual enterprise pursuing benefits.  According to the professor of Soonchunhyang University, Jang Ho sun said, “As they are an individual company, they are independent from public institution’ support and advertising.  So to increase competitive power among numerous local newspapers, they strive to offer a variety of information.” 

The New York Times is an American traditional daily newspaper founded in 1851 and published in New York City. The largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States, "The Gray Lady"—named for its staid appearance and style—is regarded as a national newspaper of record. It was founded on September 18, 1851, by journalist and politician Henry Jarvis Raymond, the second chairman of the Republican National Committee, and former banker George Jones as the New-York Daily Times.
On April, 1912 it reported on various angles the scene of sinking the Titanic at the risk of life so it elevated its authority, and showed special sense of broadcasting and accuracy in reporting World WarsⅠ and Ⅱ.
There is the report that shows the New York Times thought accuracy and objectivity is important. Which media convey New York Time’s financial difficulty situation?  The answer is that New York Times. On February 9, 2009 the news was printed having title ‘Resilient strategy for New York Times despite toll of a recession.’  This newspaper is owned New York Times.
The news reported management circumstance with no addition and subtraction by using accurate sales figures.  The reason they reported contents about their company is that they thought readers or people wonder the events which happened itself the global media group.  As this, the New York Times showed they are objective and fair.  Like Financial Times, having independent editorial rights, the New York Times’ owner and editorial office are divided so they can be objective about them.

The global media to have competitiveness in media market displayed their own strategy of characteristics and they can thrive.  To be a global media, there are some features which other groups can learn.  The global media is try to convey the news to people, and thanks to them people can know what is happening in the world.


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