The Value of Inconvenience
The Value of Inconvenience
  • Jo Samsup
  • 승인 2009.05.11 00:18
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On the Sookmyung campus, I know one professor who does not have a cellular phone. In his office, there is no air conditioner on the wall. I once asked “Don’t you feel any inconvenience?” He responded by saying he does not feel any inconvenience in his daily life. He added that the most important aspects of an office location are sunshine and airflow. In this digital age, who are these people that don’t adopt the new technology and oppose the so-called convenient way of living?Rogerslabels these people as laggards in his diffusion of innovation theory. Are these people really laggards? I do not agree with Roger’s typology.  



Not surprisingly, we are constantly swamped by navigating the Internet, watching TV, sending text messages, and talking over cellular phones with friends no matter whether we want to or not. Use of new media, online banking, car driving, instant coffee, cup noodles, and fast food has already become part of our lives. TV commercials persuade us to buy a new car or a new computer and replace equipment even before we get used to our current devices.   



However, some interesting facts echo in my mind. Statistics shows that the more an individual walks, the longer he or she lives. Statistics shows that the less an individual eats, the longer he or she lives. Statistics shows that the colder the temperature an individual lives in, the less vulnerable he or she is to getting influenza. What a funny paradox!   



Now we are concerned with how to lose our fatty weight, not finding food to satisfy a starving belly. We may remember the real taste of Ramyun noodles when we climb mountains or at a picnic party in cold weather. The real joy and excitement comes after pain or sweat. The real joy of drinking a cup of water comes after sweating and exercising.



We all want to pursue convenience and efficient ways of living to save time and cost. We are already familiar with this way of life. However, there are some people that oppose the convenient way of life. One novel writer is stubborn in his use of a pencil when it comes to writing. He confessed that he could not write a novel by typing on a keyboard in front of a computer monitor. One Japanese man sticks to bicycle riding as his method of transportation. Inconvenience may have its own value, and may bring us a reward in a slightly different way.



Inconvenience is not a thing that needs to be abolished or avoided. By embracing inconvenience, we may not lose the important value and real assets in our lives such as joy and taste. We can appreciate the real joy and value by enduring a little inconvenience and hardship. Inconvenience is worthy of praise.


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