Enjoying University Life through Festival
Enjoying University Life through Festival
  • Hwang Hong Yuhwa
  • 승인 2009.06.04 22:43
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 From May 13 to 15, 2009 SMU’s semester festival, Cheong-pa-je was held.  During the festival, programs sponsored by CHANGE, the 41st student government were held in the crossroads in front of Queen Sunheon Building.  On the first day of the festival, programs such as “Quiz Contests,” and “Sookmyung Audition” were held.  For the second day, tournaments named “Rash Sookmyungians,” “Sookmyung Jenga Tournament,” and “Sookmyung Great Cheering Festival” were held. In the tournament, “Rash Sookmyungians,” there were four sections for Sookmyungians’ amusement; measuring decibels, taking off stockings quickly, hula-hooping quickly, and bokbulbok which tests attendants’ luck with a lot of disgusting beverages and foods such as a lemon, a spicy boiled fish paste, salty sikhye, a sweet drink made from fermented rice and salted fish from a sand eel.  Kim Jung-min, a freshman in Department of Composition, who was the winning team’s leader of measuring decibels said, “We have a loud voice usually, so we decided to participate in the events.  We were so excited but we were a little disappointed.  That’s because Sookmyungians showed lack of enthusiasm.”  Lim Jung-mi, a freshman in the department of Division of Economics, who was omitted to the first stage of Jenga Tournament said, “I was not looking forward the game especially but after participating, my mind changed.  The tournament was exciting, unexpectedly.  I want to attend again about this time next year.  We enjoyed games with unfamiliar friends and it was so impressive and different for me.”  Yang Jimin, the director of the Department of Culture and Welfare of CHANGE said “Through the festival, I want every Sookmyungians to get together and show off their talents."

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