Symbol of Responsibility - Centennial Hall
Symbol of Responsibility - Centennial Hall
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Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) has had an honored tradition and history for over a century. How much is this tradition’s value? Korean society suffered pain while under the Chosun Dynasty, disappeared, underwent external invasion, survived the colonial period, and even the national tragedy of division. In this period of fluctuation, an educational institution was founded and grew to bring up talented women. It reveals how SMU has had not only ability in risk management but vision and passion toward women’s enlightenment. On that point, the existence of SMU is self-esteem not only for Sookmyungians, but for all the people in the nation. To prove this history and pride, Centennial Hall was build at the Immanuel Campus May 22, 2005. The Sookmyung Times (SMT), investigated how to manage Sookmyung’s Centennial Hall after referring to two other university’s centennial halls, Korea University and Yonsei University.

Cultural Art Space in Campus 

- Centennial Hall at Yonsei University

Centennial Hall in Yonsei University (Yonsei) opened in May, 1988 with intent
for use not only for academic seminars but also concerts. The hall is open not only to Yonsei students, but citizens, so that students and the public join with culture and art. Yonsei also plans to add more high-value programs, and gathers volunteers to assist in performances and publish a PR brochure. This management system improves the university’s image among citizens. Above all, however, the system ultimately accompanies the educational effect of cultivating students as specialized agents in the performance field.

Coexistence with Tradition and High Technology 

-Centennial Hall at Korea University

In the case of Centennial Hall in Korea University (KU), the distinguishing point is harmony between traditional museum and digital library with high technological equipment. The digital library allows hands-on experience with various multimedia contents. The digital library also sheds the quiet reading room image with active rooms for extracurricular activities or for group study. With a museum that displays KU’s history, the Centennial Hall is open to students in KU they contact with and enjoy colorful contents.

Photo from SMU, Photo by HN


Toward Women, Leadership and Women’s Leadership 

- Centennial Hall at SMU

Centennial Hall at SMU is used as a formal meeting hall for everything from conferences supervised by international organizations to each college’s social events. Particularly, in the case of forum or conference in Centennial hall, meetings have been held concerning women problems such as the ‘2008 UNESCO Chair International Symposium’ hosted by RIAW (The Research Institute of Asian Women). There are also many events concerning leadership: ‘Leadership International Conference’ hosted by SGLI (Sookmyung Global Leadership Institute) or ‘14th Women Leaders Network Meeting’ hosted by APWINC (Asia Pacific Women's Information Network Center). The keywords of events in Centennial Hall can be women, leadership and women’s leadership. That is to say, Sookmyung’s Centennial Hall intends to intensify women’s leadership education. However, except for several lectures in Centennial Hall, such as ‘Sookmyung Leadership,’ there are few chances which Sookymungians can actually utilize Centennial Hall. If the existing Centennial Hall was inclined toward external events, from now, the place should be opened toward Sookmyungians.

Where to Go 
- Suggestion

Following is SMT’s program suggestions for Sookmyungians use of Centennial hall.

Creative Knowledge : Multimedia Room for Groups

There are already facilities for multimedia, a DICA PLAZA in the Main library to offer media contents to each student, and Hong Eun Won Film Theater, in which student can see various media. However, students need a room for discussion with multi-media. Speech based on multimedia will furnish inspiration to Sookmyung and make them creative.

Humanistic Value : Room for Self-Discovery
Practically, many students are drifting in their campus life without recognition of who they are or which job is proper to them. Now the university needs to actively help students as they find their own vision. To realize this, it can be a method to install a searching self zone, providing personality tests such as the MBTI, and counseling of the mental states of students. Recognizing who they are becomes the first step to cherish humanism.

Global Leadership : Mutual Understanding Zone
Recently, on its homepage, SMU identified its educational ideology with globalization and communication; they will cultivate global talented women with the understanding of foreign culture. However, different with the ideology, the chances are also few in which Korean Sookmyungians can interchange with foreign Sookmyungians. Therefore, SMU should provide a room for Sookmyungians’ interchange between Koreans and foreigners. Making various exchange programs for Korean and foreign students is also important but the room would provide promoting mutual friendship with foreign culture and students freely without form. Above all, although Centennial Hall has lecture rooms and a leadership library, there is no cafeteria for refreshment. If the cafeteria were set up for mutual friendship between Koreans and foreign Sookmyungians, it would have a good effect to understand differences and grow toward the world.

 Passionate Volunteerism : Additional Indoor Exercise Class
Recently, a distorted image about woman’s body has spread rapidly through media. Through this, many women are trying to exceed diet and some women are suffering from eating disorders. That is, women are exhausted, not only
physically, but also mentally. With the damaged body, it is hard to filled with passion for not only others but one’s self. Consequently, to increase Sookmyungians’ health, SMU can install exercise class. Through indoor exercise classes such as Yoga, not as a regular lecture but as needed extra application, Sookmyungians could spend their vacant time more fruitfully.

Up to this time, SMU concentrated on cultivating talented women and women
leaders in Korean social and from now, SMU is concentrating on cultivating talented women and leaders in
international stage. Centennial Hall proves SMU’s history for 100 years. However, all purpose of Centennial Hall is
not to show past honor and pride. All the more, it is symbol of responsibility, how to plan to make another 100 years. Through programs holding at Centennial Hall for Sookmyungians, SMU should support making another Centennial.

■ Reference
Ko Kwangsuk. “Plan for Centennial Hall according with University’s image: Centering
on space design about Digital Library and museum in Korea University.” The
Graduate School of Engineering & technology of Korea University: Master’s thesis,
Choi Dooyeong. “Study of effective management system in cultural art space:
Centering on Centennial Hall in Yonsei University.” Yonsei Graduate School of Public

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