New Start
New Start
  • Park Kim Haena
  • 승인 2009.09.12 03:37
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Happy September! It’s a new start for the semester. I hope that everyone had a great summer vacation. It is a new month and new semester. You might have made a schedule or decided to do for vacation when a summer vacation started. How was your vacation? Were most of plans performed?  If you did not perform your plans, then are you ready for new semester? Do you have any special plans and decisions in this semester? I have. As a new editor in chief in Sookmyung Times I will work very hard and publish good quality of newspapers for Sookmyungians.

“This is a perfect time to think of wishes you want to turn into realities and goals you want to reach. It takes a lot to set your sights on a distant horizon and to keep on reaching for those goals. It takes a lot of courage and hard work, believing and achieving, patience and perseverance, inner strength and gentle hope. It takes a lot of giving it your best and doing the fantastic things you do. But most of all, It takes someone as wonderful as you.”
                                                                                                    — Collin McCarty

This explains what we need for our dream. And this shows that it is a perfect time for setting a goal. Although you had not wellfilled vacation why don’t you set your sight on a distant horizon and specific plans for splendid new start? Forget about yesterday and let’s move on tomorrow. I am sure it might lead you to successful future. With you, I will also make a concrete individual goal and try to make the outstanding

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