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One often hears it said that travel broadens the mind; if you stay in your own country the whole time, your ideas remain narrow; whereas if you travel, you see new customs, eat new food, do new things, and come back home with a broader view.  Through travels, people can have fresh eyes seeing the world just like the World Wide Web (WWW).  One picture is worth a thousand words, that is travel.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met the people who went surfing all around the world.

 Sookmyung Youth hostel

 SMT interviewed Hwang Minjae (Hwang), the representative of Sookmyung Youth Hostel this year.

 SMT Please introduce your club, Sookmyung Youth Hostel, briefly.

 HWANG Sookmyung Youth Hostel is a central club united with the whole country travel clubs, maintaining a tradition of 36 years.  At the present, about 100 universities are acting together under the name of ‘Youth Hostel’ regardless of local area.  In addition, if you entered the Youth hostel, an International Membership Card is issued so you can use youth hostels in all parts of the world cheaply.  Under these various benefits and enjoyments, our club members love freedom and composure that travel gives and gain many things through travel which can’t be learned otherwise.

 SMT Many Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) undergraduates want to join united clubs.  Do you have any merits because your club is a united club?

 HWANG We don’t stay in Seoul and the Gyeonggi-do area and have a united acting on a national scale, so if you attend events, you can feel your connections enlarge throughout the country such as Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do.  Moreover, in the summer season rally, which is a camp of three days and two nights, we go together with foreigners so we are also called ‘global united.’  Everyone has an open mind and becomes familiar easily while we interchange information about the trip and travel together.  Accordingly, we can share warm friendship with various schools’ friends getting out of the small fence of SMU.

 SMT Please, tell us about more various activities and events your club does.

 HWANG In the semester, the basic events are hosteling and a long distance travel, and the others are various enjoyable events such as festival bars, one day beer hall, founding ceremony, and united M.T..  Hosteling and the long trip are going many destinations like valleys, beaches, mountains, islands, parks, and camping grounds.  We also experience colorful wildness like taking a ship, riding a bicycle and camping-out.  We made dishes ourselves and movement is mainly hitchhiking.  So we have a lot of episodes such as making do with instant noodles instead of burning the rice and riding on the entertainer’s van during hitchhiking.  In the summer/winter season rally, we learn about youth hostels and enjoy games with youth hostel clubs from around the country.  One of the year’s activities is a foundation day.  We prepare performances for many times and celebrate our club’s birthday with other youth club friends and seniors together.


SMT interviewed Kim Minkyung (KIM), the representative of Songwoo this year.

SMT Introduce Songwoo briefly please.

KIM Our club does historical geography.  We have a history of half a century.  The main activity we do is field study and research.  We start on a journey in summer vacation.  For this, during the semester, we hold seminars and study about the history related to the spot we want to visit.  We discuss about historical events which are easy to ignore.  Through research and field study to the whole country we want to understand our history and cultural properties, gain profitable experience and improve our knowledge of geography and history.

SMT In this summer vacation, where have you been to field study?

KIM In this summer, twelve members went to Andong and Yeongju from August 9 to August 11.  We visited Pusoksa, Hahoe village, Dosanseowon.  There were lots of difficult events during field study.  For example, it was hard to reach the transportation system, so we had to walk for more than six kilometers.  Sometimes, we had to often change our itinerary because of lack of the allocation of the cars.  In spite of these kinds of events we had a pleasurable, worthwhile time.  Not only did we gain experience of cultural knowledge and history, we learned from each other through a group life.  Also, at night in the place of abode, we played games every night.  We’ll never forget it.

SMT Please, tell about research activities and other activities during the semester.

KIM We hold seminars every week.  In spring semester, the subject is the main events of modern and contemporary history.  The subject of the autumn semester is up to each memeber.  Also in spring semester, we welcome new members and go to M.T., we make a pub during festival and through the money we earn, we can go on a field trip.  Another main activity is a suburb field trip in the autumn semester.  Last year we went to Changdeikgung, Changgyeinggung, Jongmyo Shrine.  The general meeting at the end of the autumn semester is one of the big events of our club.  We invite our seniors, report our activities we did during a year and introduce new executives.

SMT Which point are the merits of taking a group field trip through the club as opposed to an individual trip?

KIM Actually, it’s easier to change itinerary for convenience when someone is traveling with friends or family.  However it is important to move and act following the itinerary we made before, so making the itinerary is quite important and needs lots of research.  Through this working of making a plan carefully, we can raise our leadership and independence because we have to be a guide for other members. 

SMT Lastly, introduce the good points of Songwoo and give a short comment to Sookmyungians please.

KIM Many Sookmyungians think that our club is too academic and there is not much of fun.  Also, some people think that it would be difficult to learn history, but our members are in the stance of learning and as time goes by we can get more knowledge.  We hope Sookmyungians would join us if they are a little interested in history and cultural properties.  Do not hesitate to join our club!


SMT interviewed Hwang Jiyeon (Hwang), the Sookmyung representative of Yeohyang last year.

SMT Please introduce your club, Yeohyang to Sookmyungians, and explain about the characteristics of your club.

HWANG Our club name, Yeohyang is short for ‘Yeohaeng Hyangki (Travel Scent).’  Our club has three mottos, “go together,” “go to know” and “go to cheap.”  Recently, undergraduates traveled a trip abroad a lot being in university.  Travel club has many merits like that we can travel together with new people who are interested in travel like me and because of a group travelling, the money for trip is cheaper than when trip members are few.  Domestic exploration and foreign exploration all progress studies about destination before traveling.  Study is a form that travel participants examine and announce about the country’s history, religion, food and language.  And what I want to emphasize is that the travel preparation is done only by graduates.  Although we receive a little from a travel agency, we prepare ourselves from selection of travel agency and an airman to make concrete plans for trips.  Our main activities are ‘Kkeori’ which do a lot of culture experiences, a general meeting, M.T., and domestic exploration during semester and foreign exploration during vacation.

SMT In the case of foreign exploration, you have a long time abroad.  What is the toughest thing or the best thing during the traveling?

HWANG Foreign exploration usually takes about a week and sometimes more.  It is a lie that I never feel physical burden, but I always return falling in love with the country’s charm.  Especially, in case of Eastern Europe, I went to Vienna of Austria, Prague of the Czech Republic, Krakow of Poland and Budapest of Hungary.  The four cities are in the same Europe, but the atmosphere of each city is different.  Also we make efforts to experience everything as undergraduates do, like eating the actual place’s foods and doing leisure sports at a cheapprice.  And when we went to the Cambodia, we volunteered at a meal volunteer work company targeting Cambodian children.  If that travel was a package tour with friends, I would not have this full volunteer experience.

SMT Do domestic exploration and foreign exploration’s traveling expenses impose a heavy burden on the club members?

HWANG Domestic exploration’s traveling expenses cost about forty thousand won.  That price contains all the traveling costs, so this is very inexpensive, as you know.  Foreign exploration costs more than domestic exploration, usually about one million won to one million and fifty thousand won.  But I think the cost problem is up to your priorities.  In my case, if I have a destination want to go, I push my fortunes and go the destination during vacation.  One of my friends wants to travel a lot so she studies hard to win a scholarship.


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