The First and the Present
The First and the Present
  • Hwang Hong Yuhwa
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Found in History of Women Exhibition Hall

WOMEN in this issue, The Sookmyung Times is going to report on the History of Women Exhibition Hall and insight found there.  Let’s explore!


Journalist, Choi Eun-hee (1904-1984)

First Korean female journalist for a civilian newspaper.  Always on her feet and sparing no efforts for writing vivid articles, she expanded the scope of women journalists.  Organizing the Observation Society of Women, she also contributed to socializing women.  By setting up “Family Column” in her newspaper, she actively promoted women’s enlightenment campaigns through her articles dealing with subjects like common sense for women, women’s social status, and feminists’ rights promotion.  “After selecting a prizewinner of the Choi Eun-hee Female Journalist Prize for the last 22 years, I feel a pretty big difference between the past and now.  The sphere of activity of women journalists has broadened to politics, culture, society, and in a hard-fought field.  I hope there are more female journalists who are revealing the absurdity of the world,” said Kim Hoo Ran, the foreman of the
committee for the Choi Eun-hee Female Journalist Prize.



Movie Actress, Lee Wol-hwa (1904-1933)
The first Korean full-fledged actress, not a disguised woman.  Through the popularity she gained on theater stage, she appeared in films such as Pledge of Under the Moonlight.  However, she left the film industry because the industry gave greater importance to actress’s beauty and relationship with directors. 





“I’m a weak, powerless and feeble actress. I want to get out of this agony.”

- Jang Ja Yeon (1980-2009.3. 7)

Having written her will, she killed herself last March.  The papers she left great shock to Korean society because it revealed clearly the ills of the entertainment world, such as forced sexual relationships and violence.  Status of women, compared with the past, rose in Korean society.  On the other hand, in some part, there still exist
irregularities from entertainment world to near our life.  Now it’s time for you to think outside the box.  The status of future’s women is up to you.

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