Toys Swim in Art
Toys Swim in Art
  • An Lee Jung-Un
  • 승인 2007.04.30 19:01
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Do you have a toy that you played with in former times, or perhaps you still play with?  We have had many of toys since we were babies.  There are even toys for adults only.  What is a toy? 

You may think that a toy is only an object which gives you pleasure.  However, toys are going through a transformation.  They are no longer simply objects that give pleasure, but they can be works of art.

TOY POP ART FAIR exhibits 600 toys that were transformed into works of art at N Seoul Tower, Pavilion A, from March 17 to May 24.  Are you familiar with pop art or art toy?  Pop art and art toy have only recently been introduced to Korea.  Because of this, there are people who are unfamiliar with the term. 

Pop art promotes the breakdown of the divide between high art and popular art.  Artists who pursue pop art put everyday things into their art. 

Toys are examples of the common everyday things, and these artistic activities are called 'art toy.'  Therefore the toys which are exhibited are not object of play anymore.  They have been transformed by the artist.  Also this exhibition has a special significance because it is the first exhibition of its kind in Korea.

Toys are exhibited at each exhibition hall and each hall has a title.  The titles describe the toy’s meaning.  For example, we can see trivial articles which were designed to be based on art toy at exhibition hall, the title is ’Mad for Design, Light for Design.' 

Another special exhibit displays the artists' early work that young Korean artists made so you can see the history of toy art in Korea and buy a toy which has been transformed into a work of art.  This exhibit lets you feel two impressions.  One is the pleasure of toys in and of themselves, and the other is the artistry of toys which have meaning as art.

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