A Bazaar, Happiness of Sharing
A Bazaar, Happiness of Sharing
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong
  • 승인 2009.12.17 18:05
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From November 10 to 12, the 9th Sookmyung love brimful bazaar sponsored by Office of Social Services was held at 2nd floor, Multi-purpose Hall in Administration Building.  In the bazaar, there were not only clothes and fashion sundry goods but also cosmetics and foods.  Jeng Yeojin who participated in this event, Division of Communication 09’ said, “I was inconvenienced that this event was held at a narrow inside room not in outside because of cold weather.  However, I thought meaning of these sharing events is very significant in that Sookmyungians cooperated together for a good connotation, love sharing.”  Gains of goods purchased from the bazaar by Sookmyungians are used to practice neighborly love.  These are consumed buying rice, kimchi, and briquettes for the low-income family and supporting medical and education expenses at every month to mothers and children lived facilities for single mother families Yongsan district.

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