KOTRA Is on Recruiting
KOTRA Is on Recruiting
  • Sah Kim Hyesun
  • 승인 2009.12.17 21:34
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On November 5, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) visited SMU for informing  Sookmyungians about 2010 recruitment.  After watching one short movie about the methods, mission, and spirit of KOTRA, Yang Jing-young, an alumna of SMU, explained details of the KOTRA system on recruiting new personnel, an additional style of examination, and her real stories in KOTRA.  About the new test style, a presentation interview is drafted from this year and officers will focus on the ability of public speaking and problem-solving.  She also said that she hopes more Sookmyungians would try to take an entrance test.  One of the students in the business administration, LEE, said, “I have been interested in KOTRA from before.  I believe the presentation was useful for me.”  Even though a presentation was going on under the name of “recruitment,” she told her own stories of Beijing life and some private troubles as a woman working in KOTRA now.  Therefore, many Sookmyungians gained extensive information which unattainable elsewhere.

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