The Gala Day of Sookmyung
The Gala Day of Sookmyung
  • Hong Lee Minji / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2009.12.18 19:35
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On November 12, the 54th commemorative ceremony of the first edition of Sookdaeshinbo and the 37th of the Sookmyung Times was held in Hansangeun lounge which is located on the 7th floor of Centennial Hall. A ceremony of the 38th Sookmyung university literary award and the 8th Advertisement contest also were held.  President Young sil Han delivered a congratulatory address.  President Han said, “Seeing the video clips, I felt sorry about the miserable condition.  So I decided to do my best to support them.  And I hope being an interviewee of the reporter graduated our university someday.  Including prize winners, congratulations all of you.” After the address, prize winners received their prize by President Han. After that, Professors gave commentaries.  Professor Myungsook Gu, the judge of literary award, said, “Construction of contents was little bit insufficient, but the material was good.” Followed by professor Quehoon Han, the judge of advertisement contest, said, “I felt the lack of numbers of works.  I hope that many students participate in the next contest.” Many people attended, not only Sookmyungians but also alumnae, family and friends of prize winners, to celebrate Sookdaeshinbo and prizewinners in the commemorative ceremony. 

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