Come and See! Here Is Korea I Love
Come and See! Here Is Korea I Love
  • Park Kim Injin
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More and more foreigners are visiting Korea for their education, business or tourism.  What is so attractive about our motherland Korea?  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met exchange students from Finland and China, to hear about the charms of Korea they have seen.  Let's find out what attracted them to come to our motherland Korea!


SMT  Which places have you visited for a sightseeing?  Any places that you would like to recommend to other foreign visitors?


AINO  I have been to DMZ, Hanok village, the loyal palace Gyeongbokgung, Seoul N tower and some more other places.  I would like to recommend DMZ to visit.  It was very interesting place.  I could see North Korea through a telescope.  The Hanok village was very impressive too.  Korea is very developed and has many big cities but in Hanok village, I felt like if I was in a place 500 years ago.

LINSHEN  I have not visited many sightseeing places like Aino, but I also have been to Seoul N tower.  I liked it very much because I have seen this place in Korean dramas.  I took videos and posted in my blog.  My friends were very excited to see them as they saw it in famous Korean dramas. I also have visited Gyeongbokgung and Deoksugung.

SMT  What is your favorite thing to do in Korea?

AINO   I love shopping in Myeong-dong.  I found sticker picture machines entertaining.  It is very fun and I have taken pictures more than five times already!  I would take some more later on.  There are so many things to do in Korea and I want to try everything I can.

LINSHEN  There are so many entertaining places and activities you can do in Korea.  In China, if we plan to hang out with friends, we eat and we go home separately right after.  But when I am with my Korean friends here, it is very different. First, we drink coffee.  Second, we have dinner together and after that we go to karaoke or any other places where we can have more fun.  There are many entertaining places and activities you can do in Korea.  This is defiantly the part I will miss the most when I leave Korea.

SMT  What is your favorite Korean food?  Was there any Korean food that you couldnt bear to try?  Do you hav some unique food in your country?

AINO  When I first came to Korea, I asked almost every Korean I have met if they eat dogs.  I would never eat dogs.  I have tried beondegi, steamed silk worms, once just to see what it is like but I didn't like it so much.  In Finland, we eat reindeers, rabbits, moose, different kinds of birds, and also I have eaten a beaver when my brother hunted one.  My favorite Korean foos is bibimbap and Korean barbeques.

LINSHEN  My favorite Korean food is Korean barbeques with vegetables and Korean sauce.  In China, everything is set up for you before you eat.  In Korea, they give you food and sometimes you cook it by yourself.  I think it is very fun and I enjoy this barbeques all the time.  In China, we have many different kinds of food.  Frogs, rabbits, eyes of fish, nose and ears of pigs are very common food in China but many foreigners think that it is strange.  We have beondegi in China too, but I would never eat that.

SMT  What do you think about Korean people?  Is there any memorable episode you have about Korean people?

AINO  I love Korean people.  I think Korean women are the most beautiful women in Asia.  They are very pretty and they wear stylish clothes and have perfect hairstyle.  Sometimes, I enjoy just watching Koreans.  They are seemed to be alive and happy all the time.  Korean people are very friendly and kind.  Sometimes, they come up to me and ask if they can take some pictures with me.

LINSHEN  Koreans, they know how to enjoy themselves.  When they work, they work really hard and when the work is done, they have a lot of fun.  Korean people are patient and kind.  One day, I was looking for a Chinese restaurant and one Korean guy helped me with it.  He could not speak any Chinese or English but when I asked him for help, he actually took me to the place where I wanted to go.


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