The Exploration with Ultimate Special Authority
The Exploration with Ultimate Special Authority
  • Park Bae Hyewon
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The Global Explorer Team in Department of Law aimed that through understanding American legal system, as the global standard, to extend their vision into the international stage.  According to Britannica Encyclopedia, explore means to travel over new territory for discovery.  In a glance, Korea seems to be immensely influenced by U.S.A. and Korean seems to know the nation.  However, there are innumerable differences such as distance, ethnic groups and administrative system.  The U.S.A. indeed always could be new territory for Korean.  During exploration in this exotic territory, they met significant mentors who are the best authorities in American legal field.  And explorers discovered their vision.  What was the vision they founded? And who were the mentors they met?


Before the exploration, students divided work.  Someone prepared documents for their visiting, and someone reserved hotel and flight tickets.  They contacted with interviewee who works in the visit organism they plan to visit.  The second term of 2009 ended up, Sookmyung Global Explorers in Department of Law departed from Korea for Washington D.C. and New York City to find out their vision.  The explorers not only just visit legal organizations but converse with global legal profession and build up global networking.


Federal Trade Commission 

“What a tight schedule. You are very strong women!”  As we arrived in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Mr. Randolph W. Tritell said, the Office of International Affairs.  As soon as we arrived in Washington D.C., we unpacked and started to our schedule.  The first was visiting the FTC. The FTC control unfair competitions in market.  However, despite of long time flight, students concentrated to listen to the lecture.

The Department of Justice

Explorers took lectures from Russell W. Pittman, Director of Economic Research.  He is the best authority concerning Fair Trade Law in U.S.A. on the Sherman Act which was established for prohibiting monopolization and the restraint of trade.  After the lecture, students had Q&A time (Question and Answer).  And students met Sarolta Lee who is overseas Korean and works in the Department of Justice.  Dr. Pittman also invited the explorers in weekend to have dinner at his home.



Law Firm- Howrey LLP 

“Don’t hesitate. Just go for what you want!”  This is a speech of Ms. Roxanne who is chief in the Howrey LLP. Howrey is the greatest law firm in U.S.A..  Students ask to her if it is not difficult to act in high status. “That’s not problems. Just make you best.  Then all problems will go away.”  In American society also has problem about glass ceiling. Lee Soomin (07) who are in Department of Law said “I thought it has no advantage to work as expert as woman.  However, when I see immediately the women who are act their specialized filed, even at high position, it was very inspired experience.”  However, in through meeting with these woman leaders in the legal field, students discover their vision as women.


Meeting with Alumnae 

“It is hard to start.  If you start, after that, everything gonna be okay.  The most important is challenging attitude and believing your-self.”  At dinner, students met Alumnae Lee Soyoung, who graduated from Department of Law in SMU and work in Washington D.C. as lawyer.  “Korean students, especially, students in SMU tends to give up their possibility because of doubt that ‘how can I apply!  I’m not good at English.  And the costs would be also huge!’  But don’t do that.  If you really want to advance to more broaden world, just face with it.  All you have to do is just put down yourself on the where you want to be.”  In this dinner, student got another way to advance their field not only in Korea but also in international world.  “English problem?  If you are Sookmyungian, you have all ready enough English ability to communicate.  The linguistic ability which you have studied in Korea is enough to start.  The most important thing is to challenge your mind.”


American University 

“Many students misunderstand and they think they need to achieve high Ebglish score for the enterance and grade for the enterance.  However, we focus on possibility and talent of the students. It is exposed at self assessment.”  Students visited American University to get information about Law school entrance.


The Korean Mission to the United Nations 

Through meeting with the chief of the Korean Mission and prosecutors, students got the information about International Law concerning human right, and entering U.N..  “I think it was another person’s future upon entering U.N..  However, through this interview and meeting with Counselor, Legal Counselor and First Secretary, I got possibility to widen my field of activity to International stage.  After next semester, I’ll participate in international voluntary service. I’ll not just look at myself.  I’ll move and practice to widen my stage.”  Lim Areum (07) said who are in Department of Law in SMU.  “This was the most proper time to explore legal organism in U.S.A..  As increase interesting about Asia Market, international experts in Fair Trade Law are watching Korea intently because they expect that Korea will construct a bridge.  They also have deep concern in Korean students who will be next leaders not only in Asia stage but also international field.”  Professor Lee Kijong who led this program said.







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