Let's Go Sookmyung 2007
Let's Go Sookmyung 2007
  • Yun Jung Ji-hye
  • 승인 2007.03.26 17:34
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During the winter vacation, SMU conducted some programs for favorable new students before their entrance into SMU.

The leadership workshop program was held during January 1 to February 2 at an in-service training institute in Young-in.  About 120 students participated in the workshop and attended a lecture for self-improvement and leadership.  They made out a letter of mission for themselves and listened to "Seven Habits of Ground Rule."

“Let's go Sookmyung 2007" was held on February 2 in the Samsung Convention Center with Yun Hyeon-jin, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) announcer and director of the events.  Park Cheon-il, dean of Office of Admissions gave a special lecture as well.  He said, “Because SMU's programs are unique and specialized, Sookmyungians take the lead.”

All the participants had a good time and could feel the pride of beginning their freshman year as Sookmyungians through these programs. 

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