Seasonal Term, Another Opportunity for You or for Creidt?
Seasonal Term, Another Opportunity for You or for Creidt?
  • Kim Jung Jiwon, Park Lee Dahye
  • 승인 2010.06.06 14:00
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Do you have any plan for this vacation?  This semester is already going by us and the summer is coming, which means we are approaching the vacation many students have wanted.  However, the vacation is likely to feel short for them because most students have a wonderful plan to spend vacation meaningfully.  Besides, our society requires more intellectual and more competitive individuals, it isn’t surprising more students are taking seasonal terms to study some courses, supplement their credit, and not spend break time in vain.  Seasonal term is usually offered in summer and winter vacation in university.  Its goal is to offer the opportunity being able to not just get  some credits, improve students’ credit, but even to provide the possibility of the early graduation.  Of course, it is also a useful opportunity for transfer students and double majors due to its efficiency.  In spite of its effectiveness, however, there are many problems such as expense, short term, a quality of classes.  So,  the Sookmyung Times (SMT) looked into seasonal semester, highlighting inner points of it.     


How Is the Seasonal Term in Vacation Operated at SMU?
The Intranet in SMU homepage has a preliminary registering period for figuring out subjects that students want.  Practical subjects for seasonal terms will be set up by the results of this period, so students hoping to enroll in seasonal terms must apply for the subjects they want during this period.  If you don’t do this, there is a possibility  that the subjects you want to take will not open at the original registering periods.  Annual preliminary registering periods are at the end of the April and October. Original registering periods are at the end of March and September. Seasonal terms are the first three weeks of summer and winter vacations each semester. Only the subjects for which ten students apply during the preparatory registering period can be opened.  The maximum possible credit is 6 credits per each seasonal term. Tuition consists of basic application fee of 10,000 won and a registering fee of 90,000 won per credit. Tuition calculation method was explained minutely with detailed examples on the homepage of Academic Affairs Services.  Payment must be made through the hypothetical account system.  All this information can be found on the homepage of Academic Affairs Services (
http://haksa.sookmyu in detail.


Why Do Students Take the Seasonal Term in Vacation? 

All graphs are from a survey of 528 sookmyunians.  Analyzing the graphs, 44 students (8%) used to enroll the seasonal term before and 484 students (92%) has ever done that.  According the survey of 92% students’ satisfaction degree about seasonal  term, the largest number of students (46%) presented Mostly Satisfied degree.  All students who were surveyed presented expressions higher than Normal Satisfied degree.  Based on this, SMT asked these 44 students about why they presented these satisfaction levels.  The largest number of students (39%) checked ‘Chance of supplementary lectures which couldn’t be registered during regular semester.’ It shows the present situation that natural purpose of seasonal term ‘Expanding opportunities of registering for normal graduation within eight semesters’ was practiced properly. The second largest figure of 28% students checked ‘Improved grade,’ so it shows that many students felt satisfaction through the seasonal term by re-taking and improving their grade. The third largest figure (20% of students) checked ‘Intensive curriculum during a short period.’ These graphs show that seasonal term’s merits about offering broader lecture opportunities can appeal to students properly.


Seasonal Term Just for Credit?

Most Sookmyungians who took seasonal terms pointed out that the price of seasonal semester lectures’ in SMU is very expensive compared to other universities.  One of them said, “I had experienced taking courses, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result because the quality of classes was much lower than the formal semester in relation to the expensive price.”  In fact, for seasonal term in SMU, students have to pay 90,000 won per credit for three weeks.  To get 6 credits, they should pay 540,000 won, which tends to be a burden for students.  In fact, for Kyung Hee University, the price of it is 70,000 won per credit for four weeks.  Also, the fee of seasonal term of Konkuk University is 75,000 won per credit for 16 days. Ehwa Womans Unviersity is 90,000 won per credit, but its program divides two quarters within a semester term;
the first quarter and the second quarter.  For Korea University, the fee of it is 109,000 won per one credit. Jung Mina of KU (04) said, “Seasonal Term is not a choice for us but it is arequirement for graduation and employment these days.  However, students are facing difficulties as the tuition fees are unacceptably expensive.  Most seasonal terms of universities in Seoul are operated by heavy prices for students.


















Unique Seasonal Courses in Other Universities

It isn’t easy to find various classes in seasonal semesters.  As they operate in a short time, it is almost entirely composed of liberal arts classes instead of the classes students want to take.  However, there are interesting classes of seasonal terms in other universities. 

For example, Pusan National University (PNU) made the class for scuba diving in summer and the class for snow boarding and skiing.  Although applying students incidentally have to pay a tuition fee and invest more time, it is a very popular class with students’ support. “Many people are likely to use a seasonal term to complement their credits, but if you can find a useful class for you, you also build a good experience,” Kim, applying for a snowbording class in PNU, said.  Also, there are 450 students from other areas to take seasonal terms in Jeju National University (JNU).  It sets up various courses like golf, wind-surfing, and scuba diving.  “Nowadays it is remarkable to find out many students who take a leisure class to meet their needs, paying a reasonable  tuition fee,” Ko Won Bok, an officer of seasonal class in JNU, said.  In SMU, although many people don’t know exactly, there is also useful courses for students during seasonal semester such as e-commerce venture, employment design, social service, and self-defense martial arts.


The New Direction, International Seasonal School

Recently, the importance of cultivating an international and professional individual is increasing, especially in university.  Many universities suggested the new direction.  That is an ‘International Seasonal School,’ where students enhance their English skills as well as get credits.  For Yonsei University, there are 1,400 students including 1,160 foreigners in International Summer School.  “It greatly works just as going abroad for language, because all classes were in English and most students are foreign,” said Lee who has taken the courses at Yonsei.  In SMU, the presentation of Sookmyung International Summer School (SISS) was held on May 11.  To foster students’ global capability and make an international campus, SMU established SISS, which provided culturally diverse and challenging courses by inviting renowned international scholars.  This program is to offer an opportunity for getting credits by absolute evaluation as wellas for enriching international capability through global famous lectures.  

Nowadays, ‘Expanding opportunities of registering lectures’ which is the natural purpose of seasonal terms, is operated by original ways and special ways.  According to the survey, seasonal terms of SMU has shown the satisfaction level higher than normal contentment degree.  And there is also the SISS course which is keeping up to educational stream.  But there is the common thing among the majority of students which makes them feel something lacking.  That is the price of the  tuition which is 90,000 won per credit.  Reflecting these merits and wanting points about seasonal semesters, it is possible to be more proper seasonal semester to schooling flow.  However, the most important thing is to get what you want more than credit through this opportunity.

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