Harmony of Strings
Harmony of Strings
  • Kim Chung Jin Yong / Cub repor
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Sulhyunae (雪絃愛) started in 1974.  Sul means snow, which represents SMU, and Hyun means string, which represents classic guitar.  And Ae means love. Classic guitar is quite different to acoustic guitar that we normally meet in our daily life. Acoustic guitar is a reformed version of classic guitar. Since playing classic guitar demands high standards of technique, acoustic guitar is made for beginners.  “Sulhyunae is proud of learning and playing classic guitar independently without any others help,” said the chief of Sulhyunae, Yang Chae Won (YANG).




One Thing You Need Is Passion

 Sulhyunae is a club made of people who are truly interested in music.  Many of them didn’t know how to play classic guitar at the beginning.  Students from divisions related to music are also rare.  Everyone gathered just because of their passion, wanting to play guitar.  “Knowledge of music is just enough when we thought in middle school and high school. Desire for learning and playing guitar is much more important.”  Fresh newcomers begin their practice with guitars which were donated by their seniors.  Sulhyunae practices with these guitars and sometimes they lend them to other university’s students.  Freshmen are taught by seniors one-to-one.  There is an expert who has been with Sulhyunae from the beginning and they visit her once or twice a semester to ask for advice.  But Sulhyunae acquires most of knowledge on their own.  “When we encounter some difficulties during our practice, like finding new playing style, we learn it by referring to a book or a youtube video.”






Sulhyunae’s Activity


 Sulhyunae has concerts twice a year.  One is in March to welcome freshmen and the other one in September is a regular concert.  For each concert, they practice four songs.  There is a rule in the club which bans playing the same song again.  So every concert, Sulhyunae shows new songs.  In the concert, not only Sulhyunae, but also Kuguitar participates.  Kuguitar is the classic guitar club inKoreaUniversity which was made two years ago.  With Kuguitar, Sulhyunae is doing supporting exchange.  They are exchanging their duet teams for each others’ concerts.  For the concert, from two months before it, Sulhyunae meets almost every day in a week and practices a lot.  “A classic guitar duet is played by almost 20 people.  And the hardest point is making the exactly same sound by 20 people.”  Recently, Sulhyunae met a new obstacle which is hard to solve.  Until before, they had their own place for concert atCollege ofMusic .  But, since last summer, theCollege ofMusic notified that it is difficult to lend that place anymore.  “Suddenly we lost our concert hall and the last choice we had was the auditorium in the Truth building.  But since the main purpose of that place is giving lectures, there were not enough music facilities.  I felt sorry that we can’t properly deliver our rich sound.”


Charming Point of Sulhyunae  



“It is true that classic guitar is not a popular instrument.  This can be a drawback but at the same time, it can be an attraction of classic guitar.  Playing a rare instrument itself is quite an exciting thing.”  Another attraction is according to the player’s ability, the classic guitar can express a broad range of sound.  “There are so many playing styles and sounds. Because classic guitar goes well to almost all kinds of genres, we can play songs freely whatever we want.”  Apart from learning classic guitar, the strong bond between club members is another charming point of Sulhyunae.  “Sulhyunae is a big club. There are almost 40 members in our club.  But we are maintaining strong bonds with each other.  We meet frequently even in private without formal club meetings.”  Sulhyunae is full of passionate people who love music.  Although their surroundings are not perfect, Sulhyunae is doing their best without outer help.  And this is possible because of the strong bond between club members.  The harmony of beautiful guitar sound by Sulhyunae still goes on.











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