Culture and Arts in Seoul Plaza
Culture and Arts in Seoul Plaza
  • Park Kim Injin
  • 승인 2010.09.08 08:17
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Is there anyone looking for a place to experience Korean culture and arts?  Here is a great opportunity for someone who is looking for something fun to spend their leisure time.

The Seoul Plaza is offering various kinds of performances free of charge. Last year, a total 100 performances were performed in Seoul Plaza. These performances proceeded with total 300 teams including professional and amateur artists. The unconventional cultural shows helped citizens’ to gain interest in the culture and arts in Seoul Plaza.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) visited the Seoul Plaza Stage and caught images of passionate performances. The performances that SMT covered were Korean Classical Dance Fest, Park Kang Sung Concert and World Music Artist NaM Concert. The Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theater team performed a beautiful Korean traditional dance. The color of Korean traditional clothes (han-bok) was outstanding. The Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theater was established as an offshoot of the Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra, and has become one of Korea’s leading dance companies, striking a balance between traditional and experimentation. Seoul Plaza presented Park Kang Sung, the king of live performance. He performed such hit numbers such as ‘Toy Soldier’ and ‘Waiting for Tomorrow.’  On the same day, the world music artist NaM came and performed. This singer’s name means ‘I am,’ combining ‘Na,’ a Korean world for ‘I,’ with ‘M,’ signifying ‘am.’ Her repertoire includes a variety of world music genres, from Chanson to Latin, Canzone to Cuban.  In this concert, she performed diverse genres like Chanson, Latin, Canzone, Bossa Nova, Fado and Tango. “I always wanted to watch this kind of cultural performance but I could not find a good one with a low price easily before.  I am very glad that Seoul Plaza offers such a good opportunity for us,” said Park, a 42 year-old housewife.  It has been already 4 years since the Seoul Plaza was opened in the year 2007.  In this year, 2010, the performances will be presented from Friday, May 15th to Friday, October 18th at the Seoul Plaza Stage. The Seoul Plaza with culture and arts will present performances with a variety of genres such as opera, musical, traditional music, classic, pop music, and dances for 100 minutes from 7:30PM to 9:10PM. The Seoul Plaza planned these cultural stages again for the citizens to encounter with more chances to experience our culture. Many famous singers and performers are attending to help out these schedules this year, too. The Seoul Plaza is also offering brochures, performance time schedule pamphlets, and raincoats, all for free for the audiences. The performance schedules and more details are notified on the Seoul Plaza homepage  The schedule is subject to change and performances may also be canceled due to rain.


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