First Banquet of Sookmyung Leadership Group
First Banquet of Sookmyung Leadership Group
  • Yoo Kang Hyun-ji
  • 승인 2007.05.08 10:55
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On April 3, the Sookmyung leadership groups met together for the first time in the Samsung Convention Center to try to cultivate mutual friendship.  There were about 20 leadership groups that participated in, including Sookmyung Ambassadors, Sookmyung Interpretation Volunteers, Sookmyung Knowledge Volunteers, and Sookmyung Correspondents.  Each group was given a brief introduction as their representative entered.

Sookmyung President Kyungsook Lee stated, “The only people who survive are those who write,” emphasizing the importance of writing.  She went on to say that even when the Sookmyung leadership group is placed in a difficult or complicated situation where clashes occur between members, the leadership group should show the correct image of leadership.  After the ceremony, the various leadership group members got to know each other and enjoyed the company of each other.

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