What Is the Future of Korea?
What Is the Future of Korea?
  • Kim Koh Jung-in
  • 승인 2007.05.08 12:40
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On April 14, a special lecture was held at room 316 of the Myungshin building.  This lecture taught many specific things about Free Trade Agreements (FTA).  For this special lecture, Choi Young Jong, a professor of the Catholic University of Dorea and Choe Wongi, a researcher in Institutes of Foreign Affairs & National Security spent their valuable time.

In this lecture, the two professors explained what the FTA is, why the FTA needs in Korea and why Koreans should be interested in them.  Professor Choe said, “FTA is the method that can help the construction of out marketing be more competitive.”

Professor Choi emphasized, “Preparing for future influenced by FTA, every moment, you should do your job with passion.  You also need to understand about market economies.”  Although the lecture started early in Saturday morning, many students were present at the lecture. The participating Sookmyungians showed interest in the lecture by asking many questions.

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