Make Your Image – A Shortcut in Order to Success
Make Your Image – A Shortcut in Order to Success
  • Lee Jung seung-ji
  • 승인 2007.05.08 12:49
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On April 11, a special lecture was held in the Myungshin building.  The lecturer was Jung Yeon Ah, who is a chief of Image Making Academy.  She lectured on the importance of image.  She said “Actually, people think of image as a façade and are reluctant to create an image.” 

But she said “The thing most people focus on isn’t essential character and is feeling.”  She said “If you ignore it, it’s your loss.”  In other words, she said “Although you aren’t knowingly expressing anything, your first impression could already be damaged. It is fatal to your social life.”  “Therefore,” she added, “We must adjust ourselves to our circumstance.”  And she powerfully recommended that we become attractive woman. 

“The most influential attractiveness,” she said, “is a women’s voice. We have to be sensible women.”  In order to those, she suggest that we should do a lot of reading, taking lectures, search the internet and do lots of window-shopping.”  Through this, we enable our sense of discrimination to elevate.

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