Big Welcome to Sookmyung Foreign Students
Big Welcome to Sookmyung Foreign Students
  • Byun Ji Geunah
  • 승인 2011.04.05 23:42
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Office of International Affairs held a Welcome Party for international students and exchange students in Centennial Hall.  On March 3, 60 people of undergraduate students and graduate school students of SMU gathered together and on March 4, 80 exchange students met together in Hansangeun Lounge.  Also, foreign professors enjoyed the party.  Sookmyung Buddy Leadership group U.R.I. members started the event with an introduction of SMU, and they promoted about their club U.R.I..  After that, U.R.I. members and foreign students made a pair to play games together.  Also, U.R.I. made a time for foreign students to talk with their buddy member.  The head of the U.R.I. said, “It was a very enjoyable time.  We can have a lot of fun with foreign students, and I hope that foreign students make a lot of memories in SMU.”  For each exchange student, U.R.I. members will be a partner and help their school life.

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