Brighten with Braille
Brighten with Braille
  • Kim Jung Jiwon / Culture Desk
  • 승인 2011.04.07 02:37
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Your hands can be someone's eyes.  Here is Sookmyung Braille Volunteers (SBV) lighting up disabled people's lives with their hand typing.  Through them, many people's lives are brightened, and SMU also broadens among schools for blind in the whole country.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met Han Bo Kyeong (HAN) who is a representative of SBV.  Will you join this brightening?


SMT  Some students who want to apply for SBV hesitate because they think being a braille translation volunteer is quite difficult.  You say it is not difficult, so please explain about braille translation.

HAN  If you enter in, you can do braille translation with just one lesson.  Just push buttons of a machine that look like a keyboard which translates the letters into braille.  Only one hour a week is needed for volunteers and always each group leader or senior helps members during that time.  You will not find it hard, but easy and familiar.

SMT  Is there another volunteer work besides braille translation?  Which events are prepared on that day?

HAN  We have two events, Shake Hands Day’s concert in February and Shake Hands Day in September.  The concert is a stage for people visually handicapped.  On the stage, they play instruments by themselves.  We felt sorry about the situation that they couldn't do performance despite the fact that they really like playing piano, violin, and guitar, only because of their obstacles.  To make a place for expressing their talents to the world, we made the concert day.  This year's concert held in Sookyeondang in SMU in February.  Shake Hands Day in September is a meeting time among volunteers and disabled people.  They want to meet us who serve them braille books and also we hope to increase their happiness with books.  That day, all people have a good time getting along with each other.


SMT  We heard SBV has many chances with alumnae.  How can SBV be together with big seniors until now?

HAN  Head leader Kwon Soon In who graduated SMU in 1976 has been active in SBV until now.  Many alumnae including her have helped and supported us since it was established.  They aid monetarily for holding Shake Hands Day and the concert as well as teach braille translation for newcomers.  We can exist without any monetary support at the school level thanks to their help and our ties.








With only the mental attitude that considers the situation of disabled friends, everyone can join us.  We have no limitation for age.  If you come here, you will know disabled is not unhappiness but they are also happy and develop their lives.  We volunteers receive a great impulse from their hopeful days for acquiring computer certification, playing saxophone, and learning other languages.

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