Chinese Ambassador Lecture at SMU
Chinese Ambassador Lecture at SMU
  • Kim Jang Sooyoung
  • 승인 2011.05.08 00:35
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The global leadership lecture by the Chinese ambassador Zhang Xinsen was held in Centennial Hall on March 23.  “The rapid development of China affected the relationship between Korea and China.  As a neighbor, most of Chinese people are concerned with Korean economic policy these days.”  Ambassador Zhang Xinsen started the lecture with this remark.  He compared the Chinese women’s status and leadership with Korean women’s at first.  And then, he mentioned that the strong will of the nation is the most important thing in order to improve economic imbalance and mismatch.  Especially he emphasized the respect for diversity, customs, and history of all countries.  He also said peaceful and communal improvements of the whole world are the tasks that all countries must undertake. At the end of the lecture, he advised students who attended to have a broad outlook and mind to global development and peace.  “This lecture was expected because my future goal is having a job in China. There was not enough time to hear more specific information, but it was a good time,” said Aeji Kim, Department of Culture & Tourism ’07.  The visit of the Chinese ambassador Zhang Xinsen was a valuable time to consider the current international situation.

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