Meeting Simenon
Meeting Simenon
  • Byun Ji Geunah
  • 승인 2011.05.08 00:42
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With the support of the Swiss, Belgian and French embassies, John Simenon, son of Georges Simenon, gave a lecture to Sookmyungians on March 17.  The lecture was about how to observe works about Maigret of Georges Simenon's. Georges Simenon is famous author of France, and Maigret is the most famous series of his works.  First, he talked about Copyright Management of his father’s works.  Also, he said his father was not only a famous author but also a good business man, too.  Lastly, he introduced his father as an author who rescued his life by stories.  During the lecture, John Simenon said, “My father was a pleasure-seeking person, but he was a faithful worker as an author.   Also, he studied about ego while he was faithful to it.  He was a person who fulfilled fantasy as a reality.  Maigret is my father’s other self, and it was made up of his thoroughness.”  Lecture was interpreted in to Korean by Professor Siyeun Moon.  After the lecture, various questions were given to Simenon and people took pictures of him.  Above this, 47 movie posters which used Georges Simenon’s works were displayed until March 24 at the SMU Museum.

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