College of Pharmacy Library's Opening Ceremony
College of Pharmacy Library's Opening Ceremony
  • Kim Jang Sooyoung
  • 승인 2011.05.08 00:51
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Sookmyungians’ college of pharmacy library’s opening ceremony was held on April 1.  This library was founded by donation of the late Pansool Son, Sookmyung Alumna.  This ceremony was held by President Young Sil Han, the Chief of admissions Gibum Lee, the Dean of college of pharmacy Hyun Taek Shin, the Dean of the college of pharmacy said, “Identity of university, the university’s true colors, the education of students, and the quality of education can be estimated by the library.  This library houses innumerable textbooks, journals of pharmacy, and references.  In addition, this library owns information of microfiche (micromation).  Thus, this library will help Sookmyungians to enlarge the place where they stand.”  Sooyeon Chung, senior of college of pharmacy said,  “I’m so happy because my classmates and I always wanted to have our own library.  In fact, the existing facilities weren’t good. But, the new library is far more comprehensive than the previous one.  So we are really thankful to our alumna, the late Pansool Son.  From now on, we will study very hard at our new library.”  The president of the alumni association Jiyoung Ryu, and the president of a pharmacy alumni association Okhee Kim also attended to celebrate the ceremony.

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