SMU President's Green Speech
SMU President's Green Speech
  • Lim Lee Minah
  • 승인 2011.06.04 21:11
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The Campaign to Raise Environmental Consciousness & Live Green’s general meeting was held in the Jamsil Arena on April 11.  This organization is a civic group to support Green policy and Green Foundation’s business.  The main motto of the organization is “Green is the Spirit of Mother.”  And they work for their children’s safety and happiness.  In this meeting, about 3,000 school parents were present, and President Young Sil Han also participated as executive director and made a speech that this is the first time that I have held a position outside of the school.  And she said, "I am very sorry for my children because I could not participate in parental committee and activities of their school, so I will do my best for school parents."  “Her speech was very impressive because I can feel her sincerity.  Also, I could sympathize with her speech, since she has the same reason as I do for participating in this committee.”  One parent of Yangyoung Digital High School students said.

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