Zoom in East Asian Market and Competition Policy
Zoom in East Asian Market and Competition Policy
  • Kim Jang Sooyoung
  • 승인 2011.06.06 19:53
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The conference, titled “East Asian Market and Competition Policy,” was held at Shinhan Hall, hosted by the Specialization Center of the Institute of Law at SMU.  High ranking officials and prominent scholars from Asia, Europe and America were invited as panelists, and they debated about Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Acts FTA) in the East Asian Market.  In the opening session, Eun Gyun Mok, the Dean of Graduate School of SMU, gave the welcoming speech and Dong Heub Lee, the justice of Constitutional Court, delivered the congratulatory address.  With the beginning of the first session entitled “The role of competition policy in facilitating regional economic integration in East Asia,” three main sessions of the conference lasted for five hours.  During session 1, Cecilio Madero Villarejo, Deputy Director General of the EU, mentioned the modernization of the EU antitrust enforcement rules and the European competition network.  The next presenters Prof. Ki Jong Lee and Song Bum Shin, Director of Regional Cooperation Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, discussed about the economic integration and competition policy.  In session 2 William E. Kovacic, commissioner of the US Federal Trade Commission, spoke about the Trends in Competition Policy Enforcement.  In session 3, there was the speech by Hiroshi Nakazato, Senior Planning Officer of the Japan Fair Trade Commission, with the title of “FTAs and the Cooperation on Competition Policy in East Asia.”  This conference was the valuable and appropriate for this situation that the world is shedding new light on the value of the East Asian Market and the competition policies.  On top of that, this conference contributed to give a remarkable recognition to the Specialization Center of the Institute of Law at SMU.

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