Is It Luxury or Trend?
Is It Luxury or Trend?
  • Yun Jung Ji-hye
  • 승인 2007.06.20 13:23
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In May, the university campus is crowed with prospective university graduates taking pictures for the school year book.  Under the shining sun, the campus is decorated with blooming flowers, green grass and graduating caps and gowns.  Students make themselves pretty all over campus.  After taking photos for album, students take photos with their own digital cameras in twos and threes.  To celebrate graduation and for other reasons, graduates-to-be make albums.  Moreover, the album will last a long time, because of this, many students prepare their perfect album.  From early in the morning, women students pay especially close attention to makeup, hairstyle and dress.

However, when you see the scene, you may see similar white blouses with lace or frills and black skirts and similar hairstyles.  There are differing opinions about this.  Some says that they are displaying well-groomed figures and exemplify common or general codes of beauty.  On the other hand, it signifies the standard equalization of beauty.

Many students agree with the point that the photo in the school year book has significant meaning beyond just photos for identity.  In other words, the photos not only express who someone is, but implies their beauty, luxury style, favorable image and even wealth.

To take photographs, students prepare their makeup, a dress suit, and shoes for the photo. However, extravagance is a prominent problem.  According to news, the expenditures for the graduation yearbook photos average close to 400,000~500,000 won for female university students.  But some students also spend to excess.  According to survey, the cost of makeup can range from thirty thousands won to several hundred thousand won.  One student spent up to 1,200,000 won for the suit, hair and so on.  In terms of whether it is reasonable or not, there are two opinions.

Choi (24) a student at Ewha Womans University said, "I think it is very important to observe the decorum in accordance with the circumstances.  When we should be in a formal affair, wearing the proper dress code is good manners."

Lee (22) a female student said, "Frankly speaking, the high expense imposed is a burden on me, but it will last.  So I can't help it."

In former days, rumors that photos are passed to the rich or upper class to look for a bride for their son has been spreading.  Moreover even now, a groundless rumor has it that a wedding information company has taken photos of students for a long time.  Therefore the school year book would stir up the waste of money and could tend to be extravagant.  According to the news, this company has not used the photos for their data or information on the condition that lots of women hand in the photos that are in the school year book.  Though well-to-do people are aware of this rumor and lay out big money in photographing.

The school year book means that the university life is coming to an end and the graduates are launching forth into the real world.  But when students take photos for graduation album, they tend to emphasize their appearance.  These trends are based on social atmosphere that the appearance is considered important factor to find employment and set out in the world by most people.

Kim Ji-hyeon (23) a student of Sookmuyung Women’s University says, "I approve that expressing one's better feature is essential in one’s youth.  But beyond that, it needs self-examination about what is graduation.  I hope the graduation becomes a momentum, not just spending money and making good looks oriented society, but finding one's real self as a member of society."

According to psychologists, physical appearance makes up 55percent of a first impression.
People cannot deny the important of looks, but the problem is its excess.  There are many points on which to judge someone.  There is one critical saying, "Don’t judge a man by his appearance."


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