To Where Else Did You Go?
To Where Else Did You Go?
  • Byun Ji Geunah
  • 승인 2011.11.07 22:36
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Half of second semester has gone and 2011 is almost past.  What have you done this year?  Do you have any memorable episodes?  If you don’t have any idea, I will recommend you to take a trip somewhere. 

These days, people regard trips as a spec, so many people look anticipate going to a foreign country.  However, trips don’t necessarily mean going abroad.  Also, just going abroad does not give realization to you.  Even if you go to the neck of the wood, you can learn something from that place. 

From the past tip was experience to widen one's knowledge.  Francis Bacon said, "Traveling is a part of education for young people, and also it is part of experience for elders." 

When you’re free, just go outside and ride a bus or a subway and go to the end of the station.  It can also be a trip, and give a chance to relax.  Before the end of the 2011, let’s take a trip and cheer up with valuable thoughts.

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