Make News with Doodles
Make News with Doodles
  • Byun Ji Geunah
  • 승인 2011.11.08 10:11
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About Dan Perjovschi


Dan Perjovschi was born in Romania and became a socialism and realism artist.  Also, he is an artist who interpret world with simple drawing.  With his own eye, he reinterprets the news and draws doodles.  This is how he makes his own works.  He is well known as a genius of doodle art work.  For example, he compares Facebook and Book with a starting point.  Book is what we get idea from it, and Facebook is a program which can show our ideas.



Section of the Past


When you first step into the museum, you can see the newspapers on the wall.  Exactly, they are not newspaper, but Perjovschi’s art works.  Like reading newspaper, you can enjoy his art works.  From past to these days news, he drew various kind of news.  He deals with heavy social issues clearly and draws it into doodles that people can easily understand.  It can make a problem, for instance themes can be lighter in a moment because it is doodle.  However, Perjovschi pointed the main issue in social problems, so he balanced the importance of news and the lightness of doodle.  Also in the first section, you can see some doodles about present society.  What impressed me most was the doodles about dreams and debt.  It shows us when we dream about various things we also go into debt.



It Is Korea


In the second section, you can see the doodles about war.  It shows a divided Korea.  Planes with lots of bombs and soldiers were drawn in this section.  The most impressive doodle was “Military Thinking.” Perjovschi drew a soldier wearing a military cap, but when the soldier took it off, it became a dove, which means peace.  Also, in the third section, he divided North and South with gray and white walls.  On each wall, he drew a trend of our society in his view.  For example, idol stars, the loving way of people, education and society of smart phones.  Also, in the small room Perjovschi made a story board.  He read news in Korea, and made issues into doodles.  From society issues to sports issues, he read various kinds of news and made caricatures of them.  In this section, you can also draw your own idea into doodles.  As IT is a most popular issue in our society, many people also drew about it.



In My Eyes


The Korea in Perjovschi’s view was similar to what I feel.  Pain of divided country, IT KOREA, conflicts between government and citizens, and poor and rich.  It was exactly what I see in Korea, too.  His doodles show things that we should think once more in our society.  He shows us problems and issues.  Now, we should realize them and think about how to solve these problems.

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