Special Strategies for Entering a Foreign Corporation
Special Strategies for Entering a Foreign Corporation
  • Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2007.03.26 17:40
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What should you do when entering a foreign corporation?  On February 14, one special lecture was held at 702 room of the Myungshin building.  This lecture taught some foreign and Korean strategies.  For this special lecture, Kim Jong Young, the director of Dell Computer, visited SMU.  In this lecture, Mr. Kim explained the differences between companies in and foreign corporations, some special features of foreign corporations, and how to write a resume.  As a bonus, he emphasized the importance of speaking English when interacting with potential (foreign) employers.  Although it was winter vacation, many students were present at the lecture and there were few seats remaining at the start.  The Career Development Center held four special lectures during this vacation.  This lecture was the final lecture of the winter vacation.

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