Reflect a Mirror in Your Heart
Reflect a Mirror in Your Heart
  • Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung 기자
  • 승인 2007.06.21 08:40
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How many words are necessary to convey opinions, thoughts, feelings and truth?  These are not essential factors in the world of art.  For example, there are music, ballet, paintings, sculptures, or modern dance, and performances.  You can listen to words of a producer or writer while watching art such as music, ballet, paintings, sculptures, or modern dance.  However, you can feel and think special things of your own.  Perhaps, you think of a musical or a play.  Of course, actors or actresses speak their part with words during the musical or the play, in most cases.  But sometimes, they express their feelings, thoughts, inkling and emotions without any words.  There is one play called “Mirror Puppet .”

 There is only a ladder in silent and pitch-dark night.  It is very dark and there is no one there.  A ceiling lamp is slowly lit and gradually grows dark and again.  There is breathless silence and imperceptible tension in the shadows of night.  Human beings suddenly appear in the stifling silence and darkness.  Human beings open their eyes with difficulty and then they watch the rising light.  Even without words, you realize how happy they are through their face with exultation.

Human beings stand up and then, they become concerned with the things around them such as butterflies.  And they realize the mutual existence of each other.  They also realize the ladder for the first time.  You want it as their desire to occupy the ladder grows.  They push violently at each other.  This is like another happening when use a cell-phone was used as a subject matter.  They are constantly quarrelling with each other.  I was somewhat bitter due to their behavior.

I was shocked by the ending.  In final part, I smiled and then felt sympathy at the moment.  The actresses made me express various feeling without using any words!  You’d probably feel shocked by the fact.  This play doesn’t have any words.  Because of the art, gesture of the actresses, their full of expressions, timely lighting and good sound, everything is correct just at the right moment.  The play kept my attention and I was able to concentrate to the end.  The play is fantastic and dreamy because words are not needed.

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