How to Spend Summer Vacation with SMU
How to Spend Summer Vacation with SMU
  • Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung 기자
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Every year, every vacation, many Sookmyungians make a plan for a vintage vacation.  What plans do you have for this summer vacation?  Some will go to abroad for a work camp, in which they travel, study and receive training, and others are going to study English or something that didn’t study during the semester.  Many programs sponsored by business, and public establishments, on the bulletin boards every vacation.  Of course, some university offices have programs during summer vacation.  There are some advantages.  One of some advantages is that; these programs often give chances for only Sookmyungians.  Because of that, Sookmyungians have a stronger probability of being accepted in comparison with others programs off the campus.  This time, The Sookmyung Times (SMT) introduces you to some summer programs that have been sponsored by Sookmyung Women's University (SMU).

Washington Leadership Program

Do you want to go to a place which is an international politic forefront?  Do you hope to train in international issues in Washington D.C. ?  Do you wish to experience major institutes or offices in Washington D.C. for your dream?  There is one program for you.  The program was named Washington Leadership Program (WLP).
This program lasts three weeks in July at American University in Washington D.C. and targets 20 Sookmyungians.  This program is sponsored by Korean American Sharing Movement (KASM) and Institute for Global Leadership of SMU.
WLP has two objectives.  One is to gain a new view and understanding of American society through experiencing major public institutions and private establishments in Washington D.C. .  Another is to establish a persuasive and clear opinion and then, train to draw up reports and read papers.
If you take part in this program, you are going to visit institutions and sites in Washington D.C. , such as the US Congress, Federal Reserve Board, and the World Bank.  You will also receive training in research and writing.  You also will attend speaker series and special sessions.  Moreover, lots of programs are prepared like workshop about communication, visiting historic scenes in Washington D.C. , Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) activity, family stays and so on.  Training expenses are $2,750 (in 2007).  You can receive a $2,000 scholarship.  But you must pay your room and board and travel expenses; $ 750.
Every year, 20 Sookmyungians are selected by the Institute for Global Leadership.  Institute for Global Leadership chooses students who are interested in Leadership, NGOs, Human Rights, Women, Health & Biotechnology, Economics, Trade & Finance, and Diplomacy for National Security & International Publicity.  However, you must meet certain requirements: higher than grade point average of 3.3 (on a 4.3 grade scale) while attending SMU, to be able to understand English lectures, to be qualified to travel abroad.  You must also submit some documents: an application, a letter of recommendation, a letter of Korean introduction and English introduction, a transcript, a linguistic transcript such as Test of English as a Foreign Language or Test of English for International Communication.  Firstly, you should pass through the documentation and next, you have an interview.  The application deadline is usually the end of March.


SM Leadership Camp

This program was started on June 19, 2003.  After that, the program has been held every year.  The target students are students of leadership groups.  This is sponsored by the Institute for Global Leadership.  The camp has several objectives.  One is to take a triangular position about concept of ‘leadership’ for student in leadership groups.  Second is to build community spirit by sharing a philosophy of servant leadership and vision.  Third is to perform a network and exchange between leadership groups.
SM Leadership Camp has some programs: an introduction to Sookmyung leadership, Sookmyung leadership workshop, a discussion, a teamwork play, special lecture from the university president and a meeting between seniors and students.


Sookmyung International Summer School (SISS)

Many Sookmyungians have heard this program, Sookmyung International Summer School (SISS).  Famous scholars come by invitation during summer semester.  Sookmyungians study high quality lectures in English, and receive class credit without going to a university abroad.  This program was sponsored by Office of External Affairs.

SISS first started 2004.  At that time, this program was called ‘Penn-in Seoul Program.’  After one year, Penn-in Seoul Program became an international program and was named SISS.  Several Sookmyungians and foreign students take part in SISS every summer semester.  Students study and introduce Korean culture and SMU to foreigners.

You can make friends with foreign students through SISS.  And also, you receive 0.5 credits, when you go to a university aboard, you can attend sister schools in and as an exchange student.  (If you don’t have any English lectures starting from 2008, you cannot be qualified to be an exchange student or do any study or training abroad.)  You can do buddy volunteer work and interpreting volunteer, if you want to do that.  Of course, you receive extra credits.

SISS receives applications for only one week, from on April 30 to on May 4 in 2007.  You can apply on the Intranet on homepage of SMU.  SISS is held from June 18 to July 6 with summer quarter.

Globalization Project

The Globalization Project’s objects are to revitalize student exchanges and have pride as Sookmyungians through creative activities and public relations (PR).  The Globalization Project also hopes to bring up women leader who have the comprehensive faculty and fully embrace cultural differences.
You have to make one team of three persons.  Students and graduate students can make a team.  However, students on leave of absence who stays out of school temporarily cannot apply to this project.  Each team is given a little scholarship.  A team who go to the areas of , and Europe receive 1,200,000 won for each person, and teams going to the areas of Asia receive 800,000 won each.  The teams travel aboard for about 10 days to two weeks.  During this time, each team should two projects choosing from Sookmyung public relations project, Sookmyung exchange revitalization project and Volunteer work abroad.

Language Training Program

This program aims to receive a chance that study language, build globalization mind and understand different cultures.  There are major five universities; University of Montana (United States), University of Arizona (United States), St. Michael’s College (United States), Malaspina University-College (Canada), and The University of Toronto (Canada).  Moreover, some students are dispatched to universities in Japan, France, Germany and so on.

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