To English, Why Are You So Serious?
To English, Why Are You So Serious?
  • Ahn Park Dabom
  • 승인 2011.12.21 13:01
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SMT  How do you study English now?

Park  I don’t prepare for English exams now, but I will do this in the winter vacation.   I am just faithful to my course of university

Shen  I had concentrated on English until I was in China.   However, after I came to Korea, I decided to study English to communicate with other friends because English is an official language which is spread mostly.   Thus I just take the course of English in the univerity now

Hwang  I prepare for the English exam, the TOEFL, to study abroad as an exchange student.   First of all, I take the English class in our university to lay the foundation of English.   In the winter vacation, I will make the study group with my friend and also take the special course of preparing for the TOEFL. 

Alfredo  In my opinion, English should be studied in real life.   I try to use English frequently at ordinary times, so I talk with my friend in English and we also use English in phone calls. 

SMT  Korean high school students can make the appropriate grade of the College Scholastic Ability Test which is needed to pass the college entrance exam when they are good at English.   What do you think about it?

Park  English is considered the universal language of the world.   Therefore, when they take the course of their university, they must have an opportunity to study their major with books in English no matter what major they have.   To have the foundation to study, it is good to study English when they are in high school. 

Shen  In China, high school students have an appropriate grade to pass the college entrance exam, too.   I always thought “I am Chinese.   Why do I have to study English?” when I was in high school.   I think people should study their own language hard, not English. 

Hwang  I don’t know why the student who doesn’t have any intention to study English has to study English.   I think they have only to study their major which they decide.   Honestly, nowadays students are not good at Korean because of the Internet.  They should study Korean more, not English. 

Alfredo  It is good i think.   It gives another passage to go to the universities. 

SMT  What do you think about the students who are concentrating on only English after they become university students

Park  I don’t deny the importance of English at all.   However, it is important to better oneself to learn through lots of experiences as well as studying English.   In my opinion, the university students should do their best to grow the ability related to their own majors, not study English only. 

Shen  Of course, English is important.   However, if one does not major in English, she doesn't need to be an expert of English.   It is enough to have the ability to communicate. 

Hwang  It can’t be helped.   It is not the students’ fault, it is the fault of our society.   Companies and society want the people who are good at English, so students can’t avoid the pressure of English.   The change of this phenomenon is on the society. 

Alfredo  I think concentrating on English is not bad.   English is a general language, which we can’t deny.   If other another language were the general language, we should focus on it.   However in my opinion, we should concentrate on “Can I communicate with English?”

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