What Is Your First Priority?
What Is Your First Priority?
  • Park Yang Yeonji
  • 승인 2011.12.21 13:53
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 Have you heard of The Great Gatsby? This is regarded as a masterpiece of F.   Scott Fitzgerald.   It appears on the scene of Murakami Haruki’s Norwegian Wood, so many Asian young people already know this novel.   Murakami Haruki said, “If you read The Great Gatsby three times in all, you can be my friend.  ” Famous movie star Leonardo DiCaprio decided to act in a movie

version to be released next Christmas, so many people anticipate the movie and have gained interest in the original.   The novel is set in the 1920’s in New York City and Long Island.   The main character Nick Carraway gets a house in West Egg.   Gatsby is his neighbor and a wealthy man who has a party every Saturday night at a luxurious mansion.   Nick, Tom Buchanan, and Daisy who is his relative and Tom’s wife go back a long way.   When Nick and Gatsby become friends, Nick finds out that Gatsby secretly loves Daisy.   That’s why Gatsby has a party, eagerly looking forward to coming across her.   Finally, Gatsby and Daisy meet up through Nick’s help.   Tom, Daisy’s husband, realizes that Gatsby loves Daisy so he reveals Gatsby is a smuggler.   So Gatsby becomes estranged from Daisy.   Tom murders Gatsby by hiring a man to shoot Gatsby.   No one attended his funeral and Nick left New York for the West.   It’s the end of the story.   Reading the storyline, you will wonder why Gatsby is so great.   The statement can be interpreted in many ways.   Do you agree that a man falling in love can make and spend much money to show the party for only one? Gatsby had a magnificent party for many years.   You may think that the method is akin to buying love with money and it shows a typical image of new money in the 1920s, USA, but Gatsby tried to achieve the love by any means.   In the front of the book, the author wrote Gatsby had a romantic preparedness which can have him fall in love anytime and the ability of feeling life’s wonders.   Gatsby loves a woman who can’t give anything to him.   That’s why the Gatsby is great.   In today’s society, money has become a standard for everything.   When we considered marriage and career, we often change its value to money.   Marriage is to promise eternal love and a job is to do what I really want.   However, women’s choice for marriage is not only sincere love but also ability of earning a living.   The reality is that even individuals are ranked by their job.   The first grade job is a judge and a public prosecutor whose basic annual salary is high.   Maybe many university students are mapping out their career path.   Unfortunately, most young people haven’t tried to get a job which corresponds with their aptitude, and blindly prefer stable and high-salaried jobs.   Now is the time to bring back Gatsby who devotes his life for his loved one.   The story tells modern people that we have to take a prudent attitude about our loved ones and listen to their hearts.   We should follow not money but our loved ones. 

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