How To Get To The Global Market?
How To Get To The Global Market?
  • Yoon Han Eunjung
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SMT The study of logistics examines the strategies and technologies to optimize the flow of products, services, information and knowledge in the production and distribution activities of a business in the global market and thus reduce costs and improve customer service.   In this point, we can think this is the essential study for national competitiveness. 








LEE There are lots of ideas how to definite the study of logistics.   It evolved to pursue flexible and definite flow of information, documents and freights from an efficiency point of view.   This aspect of logistics reduces the burden of prices in the national economy by decreasing prices of imports, and plays a leading role in reinforcing the international competitiveness of domestic exports.   The supply chain including the first supplier and the final customer is really related with quality of goods, so logistics could be a variable which affects; ‘cost advantage’, and ‘differentiation’ which are the important factors for competition.   Also, society and companies can enhance the flexibility by managing logistics and realizing various innovative ideas.   In this point, logistics is involved in the quality of the quotidian life of nation, and it’s an important strategic tool to support the national competitiveness. 








SMT We heard that logistics is a single major, but it is divided into several studies.  What are the part in detail?








LEE I think logistics des is not a definite field of study yet, but we can call it a living study along with industry and a new life.   Therefore, logistics is characterized as integration of many studies.   In general, logistics is classified into four parts; Supply chain management, logistics information and logistics management system, international logistics transportation and logistics industry policy.   Of course, these are dependent on each other and have common denominators in aspect of researching method.   Also, before setting out to study logistics, students should learn about economics, business administration, statistics, mathematics and accounting. 








SMT Graduates can work as logistics and business professionals in domestic and global arenas in manufacture, distribution, logistics or consulting across corporate and government lines.   What is the first qualification of graduates to utilize the study of logistics in a real working environment?








LEE It is most important to discover problems actively and solve them creatively as logistics

is closely linked with reality.   For this, graduates need to have an interests in and understanding of our society, and an open mind to the world.   Also, variable abilities like the capacity of IT, language skills, knowledge of law and, power of negotiation are needed.   The more, the better. 








SMT  In the process of producing and the circulation of goods, what does ‘innovation of distribution’ really mean?








LEE Innovation of distribution is considered a comprehensive concept including reducing costs, improving quality of service, maximizing flexibility as well as reducing ‘lead time.  ’ For example related with our life, it can be increasing a prediction and visibility of parcel freight grafted with the technology of IT or RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification).   Also, there is another way to recall the home appliances which needed to be replaced, and then reproduce them. 








SMT Are enough examinations for these technologies carried out in undergraduate course?








LEE We treat almost important cases related with logistics in the regular classes, but not every issue occurred in the real business field.   To solve this problem, we are managing the course that let students take the internship according to their interest.   Specifically, students of APSL (Asia Pacific School of Logistics) have to take 6 credits of internship to graduate, and it is possible to have a maximum 1 year period internship.   Also, some of companies open a class by themselves to make the students have what the company really need on real business field.   At the same time, we foster students to obtain skills and knowledge actively from seminars or inviting experts. 








SMT “Take-Back system” is a kind of recalling process that when appliance is out of work, the company takes it.   This system is considered an eco-friendly method.   Can this example be considered as one of eco-friendly aspect of logistics?








LEE This is one kind of field called reverse logistics and sustainable logistics.   Korea also institutionalize legally that each company should take back their appliances.   It could be considered as part of an effort to reduce the greenhouse gas.   Moreover, to make it more effectively, logistical methodology is applying








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