Feel the Beat with Black Soul Ladies
Feel the Beat with Black Soul Ladies
  • Kim Chung Jinyong
  • 승인 2011.12.21 14:31
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SMT What is your opinion of the stereotypes about rappers?


BSL We are also very aware of the stereotypes about rappers. For example,

rappers are rebellious people who are full of dissatisfaction towards society, and they drink and smoke a lot. Also, some people might recall an image of a guy with fearsome tattoos on his body. However, it is just a stereotype. Not all the people who love rap are like that. All the seniors of BSL are showing outstanding activities in their own fields. They love both rap and study. Also, when we go to eat out together, we don’t drink and there is no one who smokes in our club. We are a very sound club. Maybe, the stereotypes that people have might be caused by their image on the stage. On the stage, it is necessary to look tough and wild, because a rapper is the only one who has to rule the stage and overwhelm the crowd. Like the saying, all is not as it seems.


SMT How many times do you perform in a year? And how do you practice? 


BSL Our club is not very well known among Sookmyungians, but we are very well known outside. We perform about 10 times a year, so we are really busy. Since we can’t perform in the university, whenever we perform, we have to borrow some place. For example, this summer, we borrowed one club in Hongdae, and performed in front of other universities. It was so fascinating. We can’t perform in our university’s buildings because big and large concert halls are not good for rappers.

Rappers need whole audiences’ concentration, and since audiences’ fervent response is essential, there should be no seats but only standing. When we practice, we do both rap and R&B. It is hard to rap one whole song, so we usually do collaborations. Actually, most of the raps that we do on the stage are what we wrote ourselves. Raps we do on the stage are very exciting and passionate ones because those are what the audiences want. However, we sometimes write raps about love or quiet monologue for ourselves. When we write the lyrics, we give feedback to each other. One thing we need right now is our own club room. Since we are a singing club, it is not easy to sing in a classroom. Also, we need to record our songs, but it is very hard, so we hope that one day, we can have our own club room where we can sing and rap freely.

SMT What is a specialty of a ‘woman’ rapper?



BSL Being a woman rapper can be a weak point but at the same time it can be a strong point. The fact that we are women is our weapon, actually. We are currently joining in the UNIHIPHOP which is a united group of all the universities’ hip-hop clubs. So we have many times to perform in front of the other university students, and before we perform, other students feel intrigued, but at the same time they slightly underestimate women rappers. However, after they hear our songs, they always say “You guys have your own special and unique style; therefore it is so easy to recognize your songs.” We are women rappers, so we have different tastes and style from other universities. We are the ones who always surpass the expectations







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