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If you are interested in advertising, you will have an interest in advertisement and, by extension, dream to make an impressive advertisement by yourself.  However, if you make an advertisement only yourself, you might think, Can this advertisement survive in the advertising world? Therefore, people who love advertising can get together.  ONAD.  And now they are ON-AD (Advertising).




Come and Learn



ONAD is a club for those who love advertising and want to learn about it.  The amount of information is not the standard to be a member in ONAD.  Many members came to ONAD and learned about many important things in advertisement.  They divided in to plan, copy, and design teams and by groupwork they learn about advertisement and increased understanding of current trends.  For example, in the planning team, they had a time to study Principles of Marketing and discuss recent advertising trends.  Also, the design team learned about design theory and designed advertisements for contests.  Moreover, they get feedback from not only colleagues but also alumnae who work in advertisement, so they can really get into study about advertising.  Therefore, now ONAD is building their own career full of awards.








ONAD thinks good advertisement is that which can accurately represent with what they say and how to say it.  People remember an advertisement clearly for a long time when it shows exactly what they want to say in a new point of view.  Therefore, while they are studying advertisement, they focus on how to communicate with people in advertising.  Moreover, by choosing a topic and making various advertisements for their own Advertising Festival, they learn how to express topics and concepts of advertisement precisely.  For that reason, they reflect values of ONAD when they fix a theme of the Advertising Festival, and their main value is creativity.  To this time, topics of Advertising Festival were “Creative,” “Break,” and “Attention.” To ONAD, these are the processes to make creativity, so they chose these themes for their own Advertising Festival and next theme will also be picked from these ideas.  By doing various things related to advertisement, ONAD is still growing.  If you are interested in advertisement, why don’t you show your true qualities by Joining?



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