For Everyone, Public Art Public Art
For Everyone, Public Art Public Art
  • Yoon Han Eunjung
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A principle of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts, and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.” This statement is a background why the public art was born.  Do you know there are always many works of art around you? If you are on the road, stop your steps and look around.  Then you can find something which looks strange but beautiful.  Yeah, that’s a piece of art! The Sookmyung Times (SMT) got into adventures in Anyang, where public arty is fostered in the city actively.  Let’s enjoy it.


A principle of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states,







Anyang Art Park is one work of the Anyang Public Art Project (APAP).  Anyang has fostered public art business for 5 years to make the civic life better.  The APAP is the first project which isjust for public art in Korea, and it has been a popular beauty spot for tourists, experts, and students who major in art.  In Anyang Art Park, there are 52 art pieces made by famous Korean and international artists.  Every work is opened for everyone.  The purpose of this project is informing people that art is not far away, but near.  We do not know whether the project will succeed, but it is true that we have recognized that art is around us.







Attractive Point 1




-Feast of Light




The work house of light is such a gorgeous house that you cannot help but fix your eyes on it.  The house is made up of just plastic beer boxes, but they make a gorgeous feast.  Lights pierce every side of the box, so in the house, the enormous color of light makes shade.  Also, you can take a rest in Revolve.  It seems such a strange box with a colorful translucent wall.  There, you can have a seat and feel mysterious.  In front, you can face the Mirror Maze.  However you might have a difficulty to find it, because it hides itself in trees by reflecting lights.






Attractive Point 2




-Dot, Line and Face




The work Ppu-Ri expresses a route through the trees, at the same time it gives tourists a resting place which trees have always given us.  This work imitates the meaning of the trees by using just lines and faces.  Also, Tail of Dragon seems that a dragon is swimming in a mountain.  Some people may pass it by mistake, because it is hiding under ground.  It just reveals its tail.  The last work is a parking lot made by only a line.  American artist, Bito Aconchi made it.  The lucent tunnel pierces the air, and people can walk along with it.  While walking on it, you can feel the nature entirely.  This spot appears in the MBC drama Pasta.  You can find the scene easily because of the nice designed structure.  Also, if you want to enjoy it entirely, go there at night.  The feast of light along the curve makes a beautiful sight.  Also the work Paper Snail is made by a Japanese artist.  It expresses a snail dramatically, because the snail has a curved image, but it is not.  Like folded paper, the snail looks square.  It is interpreted into a piece having a modern and oriental side.





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