Be an Artist Yourself
Be an Artist Yourself
  • Kim Chung Jinyong
  • 승인 2012.04.08 12:49
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Savina Museum of Contemporary Art is hidden in a narrow ally.  At first, you might have an impression that there are not many things to watch, but when you open the door of the museum, you will feel like a little girl in a fairy tale, who accidentally opened a closet which is a secret passage to a wonderland.

Social Art in Social Network Service Era

People often call this the social network service (SNS) era.  In the SNS era, people communicate, share, and cooperate through Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, transcending time and space.  With smartphones, the number of SNS users has increased dramatically.  According to one study, after 2012, the numbers of SNS users will be over a billion.  SNS is changing society’s communication culture.  Before the SNS era, the main communication tools were television, radio, and newspaper, which deliver news from the top down.  However, current communication is done by multiple numbers of people using Facebook, Twitter, and blogs and the shape of the pattern is like a dot.  There is no superior authority’s order and people communicate spontaneously and extemporaneously.  This social phenomenon affects the artists’ way of working and communication.  Thus, a new way of working and communication appeared.  Now, artists make their ideas and work more public, and through interchange among online and in-person audiences, they attempt more interactive communication. 

Art from Audience

This exhibition is largely categorized into two parts.  One is artists based on computer networking and using SNS as a tool, and the other is artists who pursue work that incorporates audiences and allows them participate in the procedure of working.  The relations between artists and audiences are not only limited to suppliers and customers.  It’s changing now.  Artists and their audiences are now working together in creating art.

30 Sec Log

The art piece named “30 sec log” focuses on current society’s important trend, which is one-person media, and  broadens the communication channel.  Anyone around the world can send their video of daily life in 30 seconds and send to the museum and share with the other audience members.  This art piece is updated every day, and is exhibited to others.  After the exhibition, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art will make a special story with all the videos and upload it to the online museum homepage, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  Visiting Savina Museum of Contemporary Art was beyond expectation.  I could actually feel that I am participating in artists’ works.  The price was just reasonable and the most interesting thing was there was an exhibition explanation program when you visit there just on time.  This exhibition was small but the exhibition was high-quality.

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