Prepare for the Spring, a Flea Market
Prepare for the Spring, a Flea Market
  • Lee Lim Hyungsun
  • 승인 2012.05.05 10:49
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A flea market was held in SMU on April 4.  This bazaar is a secondhand market hosted by minisum which is an Internet shopping mall. The minisum flea market is regularly open every second week in Sinchon and also held in many university campuses.  As soon as the free market started to sell their products, so many Sookmyungians were all over the campus.  In this bazaar, lots of people participated as a seller because anyone is qualified to be one if he or she applies on the website to sell the products.  Choi Eunjung, ’11 Department of Statistics, said “In the minisum flea market, I was able to see clothes and shoes that were more lovely than the last one.  Of course, the price was quite reasonable, too.  So I was very satisfied and hope that the market opens more often.” There were complaints, too.  Kim Yoonji, ’11 Department of English said, “I think that whenever the bazaars are held here, in SMU, they seem to forget the fact that our campus is very small.  The market area being very narrow, so the streets were overflowing with students.  It was very inconvenient for when I had to go to classes.  In the future, I think that the bazaar should be held at a more wide open area.” In this minisum flea market, various products were sold, such as clothes, shoes and accessories.  It was held from am 11:30 to pm 4:30.

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