Feel the Passion and Youth in the Green!
Feel the Passion and Youth in the Green!
  • Yoo Kim Juhee
  • 승인 2012.06.08 21:36
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On the 1st of May, an athletics competition between colleges of natural science was held in Hyochang Stadium, which is right behind SMU. About 700 students participated in the game and they dressed up in separate T-shirts according to their college.  Tug-of-war, relay, group skipping rope, and group football were the four competitive games played in the event.  Though the number of games were few, it was enough to unite each college student and they became one while playing games or cheering to support their team.  Lee Ga-young, ’10 Department of Statistics, said, “Usually, it is hard to meet students in other grades.  Yet, this event was a great opportunity to get to know each other. Also, in university it is hard to feel a sense of belonging, but through this, we are ever so united.”  Plentiful and splendid prizes were prepared, thanks to patrons in and outside school such as President Young-sil, Han Alumni Association, Morning Glory, KFC, and others.  There were unsatisfied opinions, too.  Nam Seon-young, 11’ Department of Physical Education said, “Compared to the number participating, the scale of the event is too small.  I hope to see more games next year.” The athletics competition started at 1 PM and finished at 6 PM after the awards ceremony.  The first prize went to the Department of Physical Education.

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