Be Smart with Electronical Information!
Be Smart with Electronical Information!
  • Kim Jo Dan A
  • 승인 2012.06.08 21:38
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On the 3rd of May, the Electronics Information Conference was held by SMU library at the Sunheon plaza.  It was promoted by SMU library and Smarteer, which is a leadership group of the library. In this conference, fifteen booths introduced their E-resources to students.  Booths consisted of eight domestic resources and seven overseas resources.  E-resources have 4 parts: cultural sciences, art, social science, and natural science.  Students can get some presents like gift cards, pens, card wallets, when they get over three stamps on their paper.  They can get their stamps while going around the booths receiving explanations about how they can use electronic information.  Park Young Sil, an official from the team of Academic Information Management said, “I hope students get to know about database programs offered by the library, so that they can use this program while writing a graduation thesis or a report for a class.”  As Park hoped, Lee Hwa Lim, the Department of Administration ’11 said, “It was quite an interesting event to know about many new ways of searching for resources when I have to write a report.  I want to try to use these kinds of resources.”  Also Shim Sae Lin, the Department of Administration ’11 said, “It was really enjoyable to me because I found such useful information through this convention.”

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