Start Syndrome
Start Syndrome
  • Lim Lee Hyungsun
  • 승인 2012.09.06 10:06
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Life is a constant start.  From the birth to the death, we are faced with constant challenges. Then how do people react to new starts?  There are two main reactions.  The first is a person who is so easy to begin, called a start maniac.  If you like to buy a diary again and again or keep having an eye on something new before completing what you are doing now, you would be start maniac.  Start maniac is interested in just starting something, not completing it.
On the other hand, there is a perfectly opposite side - people who feel difficulty making new starts.  When they encounter a new start, they get to be afraid of starting and it makes their body and mind easily fatigued unusually.  This symptom is called start syndrome in psychology. It seems to be serious but is a very common thing for everyone who has it.  For example, to prepare for the examination, if the first thing you do is tidying up the desk, not opening the book, you would be one of them who are in start syndrome.  They put too much meaning into the start, so the start should be perfect for them.  Cleaning up the desk before studying is a symptom.
I would like to focus on the latter problem - Start syndrome.  Though we keep starting something throughout our lives, all of us feel afraid of starts whenever we decide it.  Why can’t people get accustomed to start?  There are many reasons, but one of them may be a great pressure on the start.  Let’s see one saying that explains this situation effectively.  “Well begun is half done.”  Of course, it’s a good saying but it may not be a perfectly right.  In the other words, it's a good saying for start maniac because they should think about the value of the start.  However, it’s not right to people in start syndrome because they should ease the burden about the start.  To them, “The start is only the start” would be more right.  Summer vacation ended and a new semester is starting.  With the new semester, I take my first step into the Sookmyung Times as an Editor-in-chief.  Yes, I do start and all of us must. Now both you and I are facing a new start.  For start maniac, well begun is half done and for people in start syndrome, starting is just starting.
Good luck to me and good luck to you!

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