Sookmyung’s Present for Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts High School Girls
Sookmyung’s Present for Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts High School Girls
  • Yoo Kim Juhee
  • 승인 2012.09.06 10:33
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On July 26th~27th and August 2nd~3rd, Science Plus and Liberal Arts Plus camp for high school students was held on campus.  The Admission Planning Center hosted these two camps for first and second year high school girls to provide them an opportunity to explore majors and develop their capacities.  60 students who were recommended by their school teachers participated in Liberal Arts Plus camp and 40 in Science Plus.  Through the two camps scheduled for 1 day and 2 nights, students were able to gain specialized knowledge from SMU professors’ specialized lectures and practices.  At Liberal Arts Plus, lessons in essay and writing, history trip, and making business cards was held.  And at Science Plus, making pain relieving medication, creating cosmetic, dissecting animal and so on took place.  Both camps opened an admission officer system practicing experience on the last day of camp.  An executive from the Admission Planning Center said, “The camps were opened to enhance high school girls’ capabilities and creativities.  Due to today’s increase of demand for admission officer system, students’ participation was high so the camps were full of vigor. ” Camps ended well and successfully with completion at Sinhan Hall.  SMU hosts SM Plus camp, which is Science, Liberal Arts, Leadership, and Global Plus, every year, and Liberal Arts Plus was newly established this year.

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