Mystery of Creativity With "BRAIN: inside of me"
Mystery of Creativity With "BRAIN: inside of me"
  • Yoon Han Eunjung
  • 승인 2012.09.08 09:13
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A special exhibition, BRAIN: Inside of Me, is being shown at the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Jongno, Seoul.  This exhibition aims to unravel the mystery of artists’ creativity hidden between art and brain.  What do you think about this creative exhibition which classifies a scientific henomenon and shares the results with the public, not just hanging up works of art as usual?  Is there anyone who has wondered the mystery of how brains work on creating art?  Here is an amazing exhibition to get the answers.  This show is intended to analyze artists’ artwork by shedding light on how the arts arena is linked to cognitive models.  In order to make it, a total of 14 participating artists’ brains were analyzed according to the classification of certain types through the use of MSC brain aptitude tests made by MSC Brain Consulting Group, Inc.  The types of brain are divided into four, complete right brain, strong right brain, right brain with character of left brain and, right and left brain.

THEME 1 : Strongly Right Brained

They are very sensitive and have great creativity by nature.  Accordingly, they tend to take care of surroundings very much, so people feel that they are so sociable.  Also, from an aesthetic point of view, the artists show the most sensitive and artistic tendency among these four kind of brains.  In their works, we could be fascinated by the colorful and direct expression.

THEME 2 : Right Brained

They are born with the top ability of leadership, and have amazing insight about the future.  Also, their strengths in space perception, language and arithmetic are superior to other brains.  From an aesthetic point of view, the artists use social and corporative theme on works.  So, their works tend to be connected with social issues or phenomenon.

THEME 3 : Slightly Right Brained

They have strong intellectual curiosity on what they are interested in.  Except their interests, they never give attention, so tend to be a master craftsman on their area.  From an aesthetic point of view, the artists do not express what the object looks like, but derive philosophical and intellectual from it.

THEME 4 : Left and Right Brained

They are outstanding in thinking skills and analytical skills.  As having character of both left and right brain, they show strong intellectual curiosity on various fields.  Reading books is their favorite hobby and they tend to be firm in their belief and rules in everyday life.  From an aesthetic point of view, the artists use very conflicting image on works such as ‘men and women’ or ‘present and past. 

The audiences would be able to anticipate their own brain types using artwork they find interesting.  Furthermore, through the MSC brain test conducted at the Museum, we can find out our own brain types including the capabilities and potentialities as well as their direction in life.

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