No Room for Female Students
No Room for Female Students
  • Lim Lee Hyungsun / Kim Jo Dana
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What do you think of the unique characteristics of our university?  Many Sookmyung Women's University students would answer the WOMEN.  Like the name suggests, we are female Students who are in a women's university.  Therefore many people might think that women's university is the place where women's welfare facilities are better equipped than at coeducational institutions.  Then how about you?  As SMU's student, can you be sure SMU has good women's facilities?  Are we enjoying the consideration for female students in our university?  Now, let's look at SMU.


What We Need and What We Want

.The first case: Today, you are in a bad temper.  You feel uncomfortable, annoyed easily and finally take a pill because of a terrible pain.  What is worse, you are at the university and all these symptoms are from the pain that only women know, cramps.  You have one hour between classes and want to a place where you can rest.  Now, where should you go?

.The second case: You are up all night studying in a study area to prepare for the examination.  Your body is stiff and you want hot water that can wash out your exhausted, unpleasant feeling.  You want take a shower.  Now, where should you go?

.The third case: When you got out of the house in the morning, you couldn’t do makeup because of lack of time.  However, after today’s lectures, you have an important meeting.  For the meeting, you should put on your makeup.  In this situation, where should you go?

These cases might be the situations that many students once are placed in and thoughts about the places students want to use.  Its because all of these are about spaces for female students.


Want Bigger and Larger


.There are some amenities for SMU students.  First of all, there is a shower room.  Students can use a shower easily: just bring a student ID card to Student Culture and Welfare which is located on the 3th floor (305) of the students’ hall.  After checking, go up to the 4th floor and use the shower room.  It opens from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Students are allowed to use for 30 minutes and they should prepare shampoo and towels themselves.  Seo Jaehee, Department of Global Cooperation ’12 said,  “I used this shower room once.  I think most of students think it is difficult to use, however it was not that difficult.  However, after use, I wished the shower room was bigger than now.  There were only two shower booths.”  Actually, in Korea University, there is a building named DongwonGlobal Leadership hall.  This hall is only for women students and it is 779.88m2 large.  There are not only bigger shower rooms than ours, but also rooms for yoga.

.Also there is an Aekyung Powder Room.  It is for students who want to put on make-up.  Every student can use this powder room without any permission.  Actually, at first, it was a toilet for men.  However, the school decided to change it to a room for women as we are Sookmyung WOMEN’s University.  This powder room is located in the Myungshin building.  It is used not only for students who want to do make-up, but also as a place of practical exercise for students who major in the Department of Design.  Kang Haeran, Department of Social Psychology ’12 said, “It was quite useful to me because I sometimes rushed into school without make-up when I woke up late.  Also, seeing some displayed cosmetics was another enjoyment.  However, they were too small to accommodate all the students.  Because many people gather in this area, lighting also became darker and darker, so I felt difficulty using it.  Also, it is not promoted to students, especially to freshmen, so even some of my friends do not know whether this room exists.”


No Nap Room!

.Actually, in Sookmyung Womens University, there is lack of places for a rest.  There are rooms for clubs, departments, and patients.  However, they are all for specialized people.

.For example, there is a recovery room for students who feel sick, Jungyang – nursing room.  It is located on Soonhyun building B007.  There are six beds where students can take a rest.  They can use this room after a reception from a school health room.  Also, for the effective use of this room, students can use it for only one hour.  However, the problem of this room is only for students who feel ‘sick’ and also it is only open from 9 am to 5:30 pm.  Also, rooms for clubs and departments are open everyday and every time.  However, in reality, they are for only people like club members and students’ unions, not for all.  During the examination, some students can feel tired when they have studied the whole night through, so many students take a sleep just at a sofa in the reading room and other buildings.  Students all feel inconvenience when they have to sleep on the sofa.  Kim Soyeon, Division of Business Administration ’12 said, “Last semester, I experienced my first examination at the university.  I was quite surprised that there was no place to take a rest except a sofa.  However, most of my friends from other universities said they have nap rooms at their university, so I wished we also could have a nap room where we can take a sleep whenever we want.”  Unlike our school facilities, many universities have beds to let students take a rest.  For example, Ewha Womans University has a nap room so that students can sleep on the bed without any permission and it is open until 10 pm, and during the examination, it is open  all day long.  They can use it with just their ID card and for 6 hours.  Also in Sungkyunkwan University, there is a rest area especially for female students.  Because female students feel more inconvenience sleeping on the sofa than male students, they made a lounge only for female students.  There are beds and powder rooms so they can sleep and put on make-up.  They also can use it whenever they want to use it.



For Women?

.Actually, in contrast to other coeducational universities, in SMU, there is a lack of facilities for only women students.  At the most coeducational universities, lounges for only women students are quite well constructed.  In the case of Korea University, even a whole building is constructed for women students.  However, in SMU, even basic facilities are not well-constructed.  For example, in SMU, there is no smoking room, so students have to smoke in an open area such as SMU’s amphitheater.  It is very uncomfortable to everyone, smokers and non-smokers.  Hwang Seyoung, Department of French Language & Culture ’10, said that “I feel really unpleasant whenever I pass the amphitheater.  Although this place should be for all students, for a long time this place has been for the smoker.  It’s an extremely unfortunate situation for non-smokers.”  Then how about other universities?  Soongsil University has a smoking room for only female students.  This room is in the female student’s lounge and is made from the considerations of the female smokers who get negative perceptions in university.

.What do you think from this case? Our university is a WOMEN’s university.  Ironically, because it’s a women’s university, considerations for female students are short.  In other words, we don’t have male students who can be compared with female students, and it means that consideration for gender as women is ignored.  It’s because we are considered as just university students before female university students at SMU.  We dream of the Sookmyung Women’s University which is for the women, by the women, of the women.




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