We Love Sweet Dessert
We Love Sweet Dessert
  • Shin Won So-ra
  • 승인 2007.09.11 15:25
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1. Ice cream or sherbet
2. Coffee
3. Fresh fruit or fresh-squeezed
4. Cake
5. Chocolate or candy
6. Tea

(This is the result of 104 people surveyed on the Internet by the Sookmyung Times)

What is your favorite dessert?  Most people enjoy dessert after having a meal.  We usually eat dessert for its delicious taste.  However, recently there are people who want desserts because of pleasure gained from looking at pretty desserts.  There are also some healthy desserts to choose from.  Then, let’s look for some desserts that are pleasing to the eye and stimulate our appetite!

Latte Art

If you love drinking coffee, ‘latte art’ will be the best dessert for you.  There are numerous kinds of coffee but ‘latte art’ is very special.  ‘Latte art’ is drawing something such as heart or flower on coffee using the steamed milk.  It is a combination of words, ‘art’ and ‘latte.’  ‘Latte’ means milk in Italian.  Latte art is produced by skilled barista who makes coffee expertly in a coffee shop.  It allows people to enjoy not only the taste of coffee but visual pleasure as well.  Why don’t you try this beautiful coffee as a dessert?

Fruit Shaped Ice Cream

Is it ice cream or fruit?  It’s hard to tell what it is before eating this fruit-shaped ice cream.  It is an ice cream which is made of fruits and placed in fruits.  People who don’t like sweets can enjoy fruity ice cream.  If you like ice cream and fresh fruit, then you will definitely love this new ice cream. 

Korean Traditional Dessert, Rice Cake

If you want to enjoy fresh dessert, why don’t you try rice cake?  Recently, people have become concerned about their health, making rice cake more popular than ever.  Unlike cake or ice cream you don’t have to worry about gaining weight.  Since rice cake is made of nutritious cereals such as red bean or pine nut, it is good for your health.  Also, the latest rice cakes look good and look like cake.  Rice cake will be a favorite dessert for those who care about their health and want something tasty.

Dessert is loved by everyone because its sweetness makes people feel happy.  There are numerous kinds of desserts, these days.  It is a good idea to relieve our daily stress by enjoying delicious dessert. 

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